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Describe your club - this is our first prototype. START will be improving design features and can help discuss customization and other constraints.

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It is important to establish a scope and objectives in a group to ensure tasks and work contribute to the common goals of the club - replace this text with interesting facts about your club

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You may find a need to create a club to support an unrecognized need. With this page, you can share your club information to work and collaborate more effectively.

Project tasks and activities, as well as meetings, can be scheduled and managed through these pages. Attachments and comments can be included. With version options, users can also subscribe to the page and receive updates when things have been posted.

You can create a group calendar with Google Calendar and share the calendar with others interested in your club.

This page does not have attachments and comments. However, these can be included as you like (click More Actions and select the Page Settings - you can modify the layout by clicking Edit Page and selecting Layout, or create a new page with Create Page).

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