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Career Pathways Cards

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Careers and Pathways By Cluster

Construction Management

You could attend these schools that carry the construction/project management major:

Ohio State UniversityOhio Northern UniversityHocking College



Medical Careers

Medical Lab Science Careers

The Job Market is very strong-this is an in-demand job --about 25,000 jobs need filled 2019-2029

Medical Lab Scientist--Biology Undergrad/Microbiology Undergrad--Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Lab Technician--2 year degree

West Liberty University has an MLS program

Trinity Health Systems School of Medical Lab Science 4 + 1 program/THS and YSU affiliation "3 + 1"/THS and Mount Union affiliation "3 + 1"/Trying to get an affiliation with Franciscan University

Nursing Pathways

"Just as there are many different types of doctors and technicians who work in hospitals and other medical settings, not all nurses are alike either. The various roles, jobs, and responsibilities can vary based on education, experience, and rank.

  • APRN - Advanced practice registered nurse

  • CNA - Certified nursing assistant

  • CNM - Certified nurse-midwife

  • CRNA - Certified registered nurse anesthetist

  • DNP - Doctor of nursing practice

  • LPN - Licensed professional nurse or license practical nurse

  • LVN - Licensed vocational nurse

  • NA - Nursing aid or nursing assistant

  • NP - Nurse practitioner

  • PRN - Pro re nata (per diem nurse)

  • RN - Registered nurse"

In order to be eligible for any of the nursing jobs listed above, you most often need to pursue specific levels of education, training, and experience. Some of the more common nursing abbreviations regarding programs, degrees, and certifications include the following.

  • ADN - Associate's degree in nursing

  • ASN - Associate of science in nursing

  • BSN - Bachelor's of science in nursing

  • DNP - Doctor of nursing practice

  • MSN - Master of science in nursing

  • NCLEX-PN - National Council Licensure Examination Practical Nurse

  • NCLEX-RN - National Council Licensure Examination Registered Nurse

  • PND - Practical nursing diploma

Student Resumes

See this link for high school resume examples and tips and tricks for high school resumes:


Formatting Student Resumes Using Google Templates

When copying and pasting from a resume template in Google Docs, it helps to move the formatting around AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.

Copy and paste as much as you can from a working doc to your final doc so as not to disrupt the formatting. For vertical spacing issues, highlight the entirety of the rows and columns, and use the arrow and line function to move the entire area at the same time. Use format painter to match up fonts and sizes as you go from one heading to the next.

EHS Career Pathways Created to Date:

  • Carpenter's Apprenticeship through the Agriculture Courses (approved pathway)

  • Officiating Certified through our Cfficiating Course

  • Computer Certifications through A+ Certified Computer Courses

  • EMS Apprenticeship--Interest in medical field--Application and interview required

  • Plumbers and Pipefitters Apprenticeship--Application and Interview required during sophomore year (approved pathway)

  • Internships with the Chamber of Commerce--Must be recommended

Local Legends



Megan Graham--Director of Marketing and Enrollment at Bella Capelli Academy

Criminal Justice

Edward Lulla--BCI Crime Scene Investigation

Greg Scalley--Ohio State Highway Patrolman

Craig Porter--ODNR Wildlife Officer

Sean Tucker--Juvenile Probation Officer

Natural Resources

Craig Porter--ODNR Wildlife Officer


Kim Richardson--Pharm D


Logan Perry--Kent State Student Nurse

Natasha McConnell--Pediatric Nurse/Intermediate Care/OB (Labor and Delivery)/School Nurse

Lauren Baker--Physical Therapy Assistant/Athletic Training (Apologies for the technical difficulties)

Bethany Cera--Athletic Training

Connie Moore--Medical Lab Science Careers--In high demand

Kayla Prokopakis--Emergency Room Resident Doctor

Alicia Decaria--Administrative Nurse Manager

Madeline Williamson--Genetic Counseling

Dana Meadows--Nurse Practitioner (But many other paths in the nursing profession as well)


Keith Kaczor--Belmont College HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Program

Kevin Sanders--Construction/Project Manager


Zachary Graham--Nationwide Lawyer (Cleveland Marshall Law School)/Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Degree


Chris Somerville--Speech and Language Pathologist/Audiologist

Lisa Bruzzese--School Treasurer/Accounting/Finance--This link will download an audio recording

Marcie Albin--School Psychologist


Kevin Sanders--Construction/Project Manager

Dan and Theresa Bove--Funeral Directors

Real Estate

Taylor Cain--Real Estate--This link will download an audio recording

Flight Attendant

Jenna Belli--Flight Attendant


Lisa Bruzzese--School Treasurer/Accounting/Finance--This link will download an audio recording


Marcie Albin--School Psychologist

Rebecca Antonelli--The Village Network Therapist

Computer Tech/Science

Ronnie Hout--Software Engineer/Computer Science

Sean Tucker--Juvenile Probation Officer


Kayleigh Westbrook--Biomedical/BioMechanical Engineer


Sgt. Gorrell--General Military Enlistment

Sgt. Gorrell--Army Physician's Assistant Program

Greg Scalley--Ohio State Highway Patrolman --(Paramilitary)


Keith Kaczor--Belmont College HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Program

Jenna Belli--Flight Attendant

Taylor Cain--Real Estate--This link will download an audio recording

Isaac Evans--Plumbers and Pipefitters LU 495 Recruitment Video

Greg Scalley--Ohio State Highway Patrolman

TJ Mack--Crane Operator/Salesman


Dan and Theresa Bove--Funeral Directors

Savannah Snyder and TJ Mack--Float The River
Amanda Gill--Empowered Yoga
Melissa Dobbs--Batter (Baker (edible cookie dough, pastries, fudge, etc...)

The Three E's Breakdown

Enrolled: Which route will you go?

  • ZeeMee is an app through which you can begin to build a network of peer relationships for your chosen college!

  • Certifications?

  • Community College?

  • Associate's Degree?

  • Community College and transfer to a 4 year to save money?

  • Bachelor's Degree?

  • Do you need a Master's Degree for your goals?

  • Remember that CCP courses can save money and college time while still enrolled in high school! Each student's path is unique. See a school counselor for more details.

Enlisted: How can we connect you?

  • Do you need to see a recruiter?

  • There will be tables outside the cafeteria throughout the school year with military personnel present to help you decide.

  • Did you take the ASVAB? Did you know all of our sophomores take the ASVAB each year?

  • Did you know the military can help you pay for college as well?

Employed: Locally, there are many options for pathways to a great career.

  • Walmart Distribution is hiring and willing to pay $19/hr. for good employees. They will also pay for students' tuition to get schooling while they work.

  • Timet is an option hiring around 500 employees locally

  • There are concrete pouring opportunities locally in the community

  • Amazon is hiring in their PA site

  • Valley Converting in Toronto is always looking for laborers and others-just ask! (There are also tuition assistance opportunities through jobs such as these)

  • Lowe's offers tuition assistance while working there

  • Ask about any of these opportunities, plus more!

ASVAB Test Date: On hold

All EHS Sophomores are offered the opportunity to take the ASVAB test. Included in the ASVAB testing is a separate presentation on Career Exploration led by a military professional. This is a great opportunity for any of those students interested in being enlisted, and also for those students who need extra career exploration as sophomores in high school.

Referrals to the Pathways Coach

If any friend or family member of the Edison Local School District has a business referral for our Career Pathways Coach to connect with in order to better equip our students for the future, please fill out the Career Pathways Referral Form below (this can be by way of paid or unpaid internships, apprenticeships, community service experiences, events, etc...):

Pre-apprenticeship, Apprenticeship, and Internship Opportunities

Fastweb Scholarships--(By applying here for scholarships, you will be connected to many internship and job opportunities sent directly to your gmail account)