Montrose Morning Market



Montrose Morning Market with Edgesetter Events is now Curb Coalition!

Hello Vendor Family!

Jessica Ivins from Edgesetter Events here and chances are we’ve worked together at some point over the past 4 years as we’ve built together the Blue Field Market, Heights Morning Market, Montrose Morning Market, Wanderlust Market, Shop Along the Creek, Green Field Market, Market at the MarqE as well as special annual events like the White Oak Fall Festival. There are so many great memories in there that I am truly grateful for.

All the hard work, we could literally say blood, sweat, and tears paired with the collective good times has made the thought of letting go of these brands that became household names and represented a creation for me extremely difficult. I know many of you resonate with this as business owners yourself. However, it’s known that destruction is necessary for new creation and perfectly in sync with the arrival of Spring – the time for new beginnings is now!

After the much needed reflection over the collection of the things learned through years of market management experience - analyzing what worked, what didn’t, and what needs to change to make way for a smooth and sustainable future with the ultimate goal of growing together - a conclusion was made. It was clear that while the foundation was solid, a brand-new house needed to be built - built secure – built to grow – and built to last!

As catalysts for the desired societal shift away from consumptive modeling and greed, we are building a new kind of community. A community that helps one another and grows strong together in all kinds of situational weather. We celebrate diversity with unity. We serve others compassionately. We operate as a kindred harmonious family. All the things we make, share, and do are wholeheartedly infused with nothing but love for an authentic humanity.

Our goal for the creative collective is to establish and execute enjoyable and prosperous opportunities for you to sell and share what you came here to do.

How we lead...

Love not hate

Generosity not greed

Compassion not cruelty

Empathy not apathy

Connection not separation

Cooperation not competition

Honesty not deception

Courage not cowardice

Acceptance not judgement

When more people are able to make a living doing what they love to do with the intention of serving the greater good of humankind, we have the ability co-create a healthier happy world by allowing the much needed healing for the body, soul, and mind.

With that being said, we wanted to let you in on the "Phase 1" plans as you may be noticing the removal of the old brands on various social media and web sites as we transition over to the new ones the next few weeks.

Edgesetter Marketing & Events will transitioning into Curb Coalition, founded by Jessica Ivins & Rob Dugas.

We will be rolling out and announcing the exact locations and day/times over the next couple months as well as exciting new concepts and vending opportunities. All updates will be communicated primarily via the website

Here is an overview of the upcoming changes: >>>

All Email >>>

Edgesetter Marketing & Events >>> Curb Coalition™

Wanderlust Market >>> Curb Market – Lower Heights

Heights Morning Market >>> Curb Market – Heights

Montrose Morning Market >>> Curb Market – Montrose

Market at the MarqE >>> Curb Market – Memorial

Bellaire Bazaar >>> Curb Market – Bellaire

Shop Along the Creek >>> Curb Market – TBA

Launching First...

Curb Market – Lower Heights

Where: 2453 Sawyer Heights St. Houston, TX 77007

Every Thursday & Sunday

Starting Thursday, March 18th – 4pm to Sunset

Starting Sunday, March 21st – 12pm to 4pm