Welcome to the Edgemont Model United Nations Club!

Edgemont Model United Nations is an organization that encourages students to delve into the world of international relations. During a conference, a club member is assigned to a committee that either addresses a present-day global issue, a historical conflict, or a fictitious dispute. A committee member either works with a partner or independently and is assigned to represent an individual or country at large. The job of the delegate in that committee is to represent their position to the best of their ability without personal bias. During the committee sessions, delegates debate with one another and end up writing resolution papers together to solve the crisis at hand. While the committees are sometimes challenging, delegates learn a great deal about current events, politics, and conflict resolution as they engage with issues through role playing. Individuals in the club also learn how to work effectively with others, put their ideas into writing, and keep calm, even during difficult situations.

Participation in Edgemont Model UN is open for grades 10-12, and it opens students to a tight-knit community of past and present members. Students in the club spend many hours together before school, over weekends, and during committee sessions. With the support from the faculty advisors, Ms. Cecere and Mr. Hansonbrook, Model UN members make important decisions regarding the organization of the club, assignment of delegations, and content of committees at Edgemont's own model UN conference, EdgeMUN.