Mrs. Carpenter's 2nd Grade Class


This page is an additional resource for parents and students during distance learning.

While we recognize this can be a stressful time, we want you to know we are here to support you and your child. All students received a 10 day packet of review materials. All of the standards we chose to focus on are standards we have already taught. We will be available to answer questions and offer academic support if needed. One of our top priorities is that this does not overwhelm you or your child. Please just focus on one thing at a time.

New REMINDER Wednesday, April 1st

Good morning. Please see the Distance Learning tab to access the parent letter, instructions for April 1st-April 14th, and the Instructional Choice Board. Please remember, students are required to complete all of their work during distance learning. There is a rubric attached to the Instructional Choice Board. This gives information on how each task will be scored. Once your child has completed the tasks, you may take a picture of them and email them to me. Please do not text me pictures of assignments. I am documenting each one, and it is much easier through email. If you have any questions after you read over all of the information, please let me know.

Important Information Regarding Google Classroom

Our Google Classroom is set up for all students. Every student has been added and invited. Please help your child login to their account.

Sign in for the first time

Student/Parent instructions to begin using Google Classroom

******Please make sure you are signed out of your personal google account before logging into your child's account. Once you are signed out of your account you can sign your child into their account. ******

Go to and click Sign In. Sign in with your Google Account. For example,

***Your child's google account name will be their login for MobyMax. This is normally their first name, middle initial, and last name ALL lowercase and no spaces. For example

Your child's password is the same as there MobyMax password.

Once you have entered their password, click on the "I am a student" box.

Once you are logged in you are entered into the classroom. : )

You do not have to do anything after you have logged in. I will send a message once assignments are posted.

You are no longer required to enter a class code.