CMS Winter Rub Club occurs during 3rd quarter. Our intent is to learn about running and get in shape for Track & Field which occurs 4th Quarter. You do not have to do Track to do Run Club, but most do! No running experience needed, its pretty relaxed!

Fee is $20 ~ Tuesday and Thursdays during 3rd quarter beginning Thursday, Feb 1st ~ 2:30-4pm ~ Meet in Auxiliary Gym.

Print the registration form and bring that and $20 to Ms Ewing in Students Activities OR to Ms Heinz.

Questions, email Coach Heinz


Join the CMS Run Club Celly App

This is how we will communicate with our runners to send out info and updates. Parents, you can install this on any smartphone (android/ipohone) and get the updates your child gets. Athletes, please use first.last as your user name. Example : Steve.Prefontaine

To install, visit this page ( on your mobile device.

**Make sure notifications are turned on to get the most current updates in your device settings**