Newsletter: Term 2 - Week 8

A Message from the Principal

Teacher Planning Day –

A reminder to all families that next Friday 24th June will be a teacher planning day, and as such we ask that you keep your children at home if you are able. As with the last day earlier in the term, should you be bringing your child to school on this day, please contact the front office on 61421201 or via to let us know. It is important we have accurate numbers so we can plan supervision accordingly.

Student Reports and Wk 10 Parent Yarns

Student reports will be sent out on Wednesday of next week and for Years 1-6 will provide an A-E grade against a number of Australian Curriculum subjects. Grades have changed somewhat since many parents were at school where they were formulated against percentages of how students fared on assessments. Nowadays, a C Grade, is the expected standard of that year group. Students receiving D and E grades would typically be working below the expected standard, and those with A and B grades above that standard.

As you will be aware we are holding Parent Yarns during week 10, which will give parents the opportunity to discuss their child’s learning with teachers. It will be a family decision with regards to whether you bring your child to the meeting or not.

Book Packs 2023 –

I’d like to give families notice that we are changing the current practice with regards to Book Packs (student stationery and books). Previously the school has purchased all stationery and collected contributions for this from families.

For next year families will be required to source bookpacks in one of two ways. The school will work with a stationery provider to create lists of the resources that students will require for their particular year group and parents will then be able to purchase this pack directly from the supplier where the individual packs will be delivered to family houses or the school in preparation for the school year. For families who do not wish to purchase from the supplier, the school will provide a list of required items towards the end of this year, and families will then have the choice to purchase items from the retailer of their choice.

The school will continue to support those who require assistance in this area and will encourage these families to make communication with the school towards the end of the year.

We still have a number of families who have not made a contribution to this year’s stationery packs. We are still gladly accepting contributions for these.

Staffing Pressure

You may be aware that a number of ACT Public Schools have had to revert to remote learning with short notice due to significant staffing pressures associated with COVID-19 and other illness. This continues to be a possibility for us at Neville Bonner Primary School, however, as of yet has not arisen. Should the need arise, I do need to stress that we will not be in a position to give a lot of notice. It is impossible to predict the illness of staff and who may be affected.

I also want families to know that your child’s class may have to be split/combined at certain times. If we are splitting classes, more often than not we combine students with classes from their same year group so they can continue their learning program. During the times that this is not possible, students will be sent with age appropriate activities.

Staff Welcome –

Kelly Dunstan joined the Neville Bonner Primary School team in the role of Kindergarten and Year 1 Executive teacher at the beginning of last week and will be with us at least until the end of this year.

She joins us from Harrison School, where she was an experienced Executive Teacher working in the Early Childhood sector.

Dates to Remember

  • Friday 17 June - Book club orders due online

  • Monday 20 June - Year 1 reptile zoo excursion

  • Monday 20 June - P & C meeting

  • Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 June - Year 5 camp 'The Tops'

  • Wednesday 22 June - Second hand uniform shop (afternoon)

  • Thursday 23 June - Kinder arboretum excursion

  • Friday 24 June - Pupil free day

  • Monday 27 & Tuesday 28 June - Year 6 puberty workshops

  • Wednesday 29 June - Second hand uniform shop (morning)

  • Thursday 30 June - Kinder to Year 6 Athletics carnival - Amaroo oval

  • Friday 1 July - Last day of term 2

  • Sunday 3 - Sunday 10 July - NAIDOC week - Get up! Stand up! Show up!

  • Monday 18 July - First day of term 3

  • Saturday 30 July - P & C second hand book fair

Communications Sent Home This Week

Notes and Emails Home

  • Yarn email

  • ICAS information Years 3-6

  • Athletics carnival note K-6

SMS Texts Home

  • Absences

Absences Messages

If your child is going to be absent from school for the day you do not need to contact reception.

An SMS alert is sent each morning for children absent from school and we ask you to reply to this message if your

child is sick or on leave to advise the reason for the absence.

This is our preferred method of communication as it is recorded as an approved written absence from a parent or carer.

We ask that you only contact reception to notify us of extended leave or for COVID-19 reasons.

Enrolments 2023

It’s not too late to enrol for 2023

If you forgot to enrol your child or young person in an ACT public school for next year, don’t panic. Enrolments remain open throughout the year. You can find out more information and apply online. Support is also available from this school or by calling the Enrolments Telephone Service weekdays on 6205 5429.

Medical Information

Please update your child’s medical action plans (asthma, anaphylaxis and allergies) and medication at reception. If you are unsure if these have lapsed or are out of date please contact reception.

It is important to have theses up to date so we can assist your child with management, in case of an emergency and for upcoming excursions.

ACT health now offer a free asthma clinic in Gungahlin every second Tuesday between 8.30am-3.30pm. Bookings can be made by calling the community health intake line on 5124 9977

In other medical related news, Neville Bonner primary school now has its own defibrillator. Located in the first aid room at reception. This could be a life saver in our community. Previously the closest one was at Woolworths at Bonner shops.

Preschool Learning Page

Joyful Jellyfish - Preschool

Paula - Thursday/Friday Group

As we get near to the end of the first semester, the Joyful Jellyfish have been reflecting on all of our favourite things at Preschool. To help the children remember all of the wonderful things that we have done, we looked back through some photos, read through our weekly reflections and looked through our work in our Preschool Portfolios.

What do you love to do at Preschool?

Aminah - “I like to play with the teddy bears at Preschool.”

Anam - “I love drawing at the drawing table.”

Ava - “I like building houses with the blocks.”

Con - “I like blocks and cars.”

Dion - “I like playing with cars.”

Elsie - “I like dancing to music and playing in the ice cream shop.”

George - “I like doing races outside.”

Hareish - “I love playing with cars.”

Jack - “I like playing outside on the slide.”

Jemima - “My favourite thing to do at Preschool is water the plants.”

Kaya - “I like to dress up as a Police and a Ballerina at Preschool.”

Liam - “I love playing tennis at Preschool.”

Piper - “I love playing in the police station.”

Pranav - “I like playing with the airplanes.”

Rachael - “I like to pretend I’m a unicorn at Preschool.”

Scarlett - “My favourite thing about Preschool is playing outside with the babies.”

William - “I like playing cars with my friends at Preschool.”

Zaira - “I am happy at Preschool.”

Year 2 Learning Page

The Sea Investigators have been learning about how life has changed over time. All of Year 2 enjoyed a fabulous excursion to the Hall School Museum and got to spend time in a classroom from the past. We have been reflecting on how school, homes, toys and technology have changed.

Arham – There used to be spinners that just need to be spun. Now we have video games that need batteries, cables and Wi-Fi.

Aria – Some people used to play with marbles because there were no toys. Now there is an iPad, iPhone and video games.

Avraj – People used to use a toilet outside. Now we use a toilet inside.

Celeste – There was no electricity. Now there are cables.

Eren – Now there are cars instead of horses. The houses are made out of brick now.

Fatima – In the past they had horses but now they have cars.

Janaki – In the olden days people didn’t have proper dolls and the old dolls had button eyes. Now we have proper dolls that almost look like real humans.

Jasper – TVs used to be small and now they are big.

Krish – People used slate and slate pencils. Now they use paper and pencils.

Luca – People used to use letters but now they use phones.

Meera – People used to post stuff to message people.

Nandita – Old TVs were black and white. New TVs are colourful.

Raina – The ovens used to be like a campfire that they put the frying pan on. Now they are electric.

Ruth – In the past we used police. Now we use traffic lights.

Ryan – Cars used to be very slow. Now they use petrol and are very fast.

Theo – There wasn’t technology in the past. Now there’s technology.

Yaseen – Chairs used to be made of wood and now they are made of plastic.

Student Stationery & Voluntary Contributions

Thank you to all parents/carers who have paid for their student stationery packs and made voluntary contributions for 2022. These funds are essential for providing much needed resources for your child/ren to assist with their learning.

A reminder for all parents/carers who have yet to pay for their child/ren's stationery pack or make a contribution, it is not too late. To make a payment online, please go to . Fee code/payment description 1: contribution

If you have any questions regarding the stationery packs or voluntary contributions, please contact reception.

Parents' and Citizens' Association

2022 NBPS P&C Committee

Keep an eye on the School Newsletter and the Facebook group for the event notices.

P&C Committee and Constitution Review - Special Resolution

We are proposing a new constitution be adopted for our P&C. A Special Resolution, "for the Neville Bonner Primary School P&C Association to adopt a whole new constitution to align with current best practice" is proposed. In order to adopt a new constitution, the Special Resolution must be passed at a Special General Meeting.

This meeting will be held, within the Committee Meeting, from 7.00pm on Monday 20th June 2022 in the staff lounge. To obtain a copy of the proposed constitution for review, please email

All school families are welcome to attend.

Items coming up

- School Disco!! It's back. We're looking at theme ideas now and will have more information coming out about the when and how it will be organised. All year groups will be catered for, from Preschool to Year 6.

Second Hand Book Fair

Planning is underway for Saturday 30th July.

Donations - we are accepting book donations through the Second Hand Uniform Stall MORNING sessions only (see below for future dates and times).

We will look at a weekend donation option in early Term 3.

Parent ACTion magazine

The Term 2 edition of the ACT Council of P&C Associations ''Parent ACTion'' magazine is now out. You can view it here!


Our canteen is open for lunch five days a week, orders are via Flexischools website (, the Flexischools App or cash direct to the canteen. Any cancellations must be advised prior to 9am on the day.

Remember, if you happened to forget to pick up some lunchbox items over the weekend, we have some great meal deals on Mondays and Tuesdays to ease the stress!

Over the counter sales are still on!

Every Thursday and Friday during break two for snack time.

Our canteen will have some delicious snacks available for the children to buy during the afternoon. There will be freshly baked muffins and pikelets, popcorn, crackers, potato sticks, pretzels, fruit, yoghurt, juice, flavoured milk and more! Gluten free and halal options will be available.

Prices start from $1.00, and this is a great way to learn and be responsible about handling money.

Come and support your canteen and grab a yummy snack!

Birthday cupcakes

Our amazing canteen team offers birthday cupcakes! Cost is $30 per class, with orders required one (1) week in advance. To place an order, or for more information, please email

Scholastic Book Club

Order 4 orders need to be completed by COB 17 Jun 2022.

Unfortunately, we can NOT accept cash orders through the front office, please place orders through the Scholastic Book Club LOOP website

There is an option to select 'gift', during the order process, if you do not want your child to receive the order. If you select this option you will receive a phone call to collect your order at a different time.

Don’t forget 20% of every sale is given to us in ‘rewards’ that the school can use to purchase resources from the catalogues.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

For the remainder of Term Two, the Uniform shop will be open on EVEN Wednesdays in the morning and ODD Wednesdays in the afternoon.

Upcoming open periods are:

** Week 9 - Wednesday, 22nd June from 2:30pm to 3:30pm in the Mabo Bvd car park; and

** Week 10 - Wednesday, 29th June from 8:45am to 9:45am outside the school hall

We have loads of pre-loved uniforms for sale. Preferred payment is via EFTPOS, however cash will be accepted. The photos provide an idea of the availability of stock.

If you have good quality Winter school uniforms (tracksuit pants, jumpers, long sleeve shirts) you no longer need, the P&C will gratefully accept your donation to our second hand uniform stall through the canteen (or please place in the tub near the front office).

Return-It Scheme

The P&C have registered with the Canberra Return-it scheme, you can donate to the P&C by using the QR code (or phone number) attached to the newsletter.

The process is:

- Place your bags of cans or bottles into a semi-see-through bag.

- Scan the QR code, or enter the phone number, from the flyer, at the return point, follow the remainder of the instructions and attach the printed sticker to the bag.

- Deposit the bag(s) into the hopper.

- A deposit notice will be received by the P&C - Thank you!!!

There are two, close to school, return points located at:

- Gungahlin - O'Brien Place - near the carwash, Gungahlin Vet and Goodyear tyres.

- Amaroo - near the school oval off Horsepark Drive.

The returns generated from the scheme will assist the P&C to support the school, from sports equipment, school discos, Year 6 end-of-year surprises, etc.

Contact Us

Want to touch base with your P&C? You can email us at, or connect through FB at

Contact Information


Will Johnston

Deputy Principals:

Haeley Simms (P-2)

Sylvia Headon (3-6)

P&C President:

Jayne Trustum

Board Chair:

Amani Kerr

Community Information

Macca's Masterclass Holiday Clinic

Date: Tuesday 5th July 2022

Age Group: 5-12 years

Registration Time: 8:30am

Day Concludes: 3:30pm

Location: 14 Torrens Street, Braddon, ACT, 2612

Cost: $90 (+ Eventbrite fee)

Link to register:

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us or the Raiders events team via email: