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28/6/2020 Week 10 Learning Grids have been loaded onto the Learning Launch Pad

22/5/2020 links to the Education Directorate's learning packs for P to 2 students have been loaded onto the Learning Launch Pad

6/5/2020 #Macgregorathome 'we miss you' video is available on our wellbeing page

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Welcome to the

Macgregor Primary

Virtual School Initiative

As an ACT Education Directorate public school, we have harnessed innovative teaching strategies and contemporary technology tools to create purposeful and personalised learning opportunities for the children. Although this educational shift has been triggered by Australia's current health emergency, our teachers are relishing in the possibilities and challenges of this 21st Century home learning approach. Within our virtual school, we have created a strong foundation for students, families and teachers to connect, collaborate and learn through the use of new online technologies in the future, or as required.

We are, and will remain 'linked by learning' as well as being a strong connected community - belonging is one of our school values and a key concept in the Early Years Learning Framework.

What to do first:

Your child's virtual classroom, within this online learning initiative, is led by your child's classroom teacher with the support of our specialist teachers and leadership team. In keeping with our intention, this model of education is not to re-create a school day at home between the hours of 9am and 3pm ... although establishing daily routines may be beneficial during these times of uncertainty. Educationalist Stacey Childress, who has been observing the adoption of online learning across the world writes "The consensus advice for parents and caregivers seems to be; create a bit of structure, make a little time for formal learning and more time for play and exploration, and help kids feel safe and secure. Above all, keep it simple and make it work for your family...".

Catherine Dillon, Principal

March 2020


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Navigating to your child's classroom (doors will OPEN on Monday 6 April at 7am) :

  1. choose your child's year level from the navigation pane and click on the link to move to the year level screen (please familiarise yourself with this page as we intend to display a weekly grid of sequenced learning activities on this year level page for families to view)

  2. click on the yellow door that displays your child's teacher

  3. follow the instructions below from our ICT specialist, Cameron Ryan (pictured left) , to join the google classroom

  4. once every child has joined the classroom over the coming week, you will be able to click on the yellow virtual classroom door which will lead straight through to your child's google classroom

  5. we have provided further information for parents, and a range of sites for the children to access, on each class page, as well as further dedicated Literacy and Numeracy activities and sites. Please also find below links to our school library resources.

Further information about COVID-19 for families:

Further links to information about COVID-19 (using child-friendly understandings) is provided below for you and your family to access from Save The Children UK, Australia's Red Cross and Australian produced Weekly TV series - ABC production Behind The News (BTN).

Turn off notifications using the 'how to' video below...

How to turn notifications off - Family Guide.webm

Hi kids! Welcome to our Online Library! This is just the same as our library space at school, but even better! We will still be doing our usual library work that we do except that it will be over the computer. This of course, will make it a whole lot of fun!

I will add to these online learning resources in term 2 which is perfect because the Children's Book Council of Australia has just announced it's Book of the Year Award Shortlists! As we did last year, we will get to read and enjoy every one of them. I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am!

Don't worry if you are feeling a little overwhelmed about all this computer stuff at the moment, we will work it out together. There will be weekly library lessons that you will find in your classroom teacher's google classroom and there will be times when we will speak face to face over the computer. So make sure you have a notepad handy to jot down anything you'd like to speak to me about. I've got so much to share with you! Keep on reading!

Thank you to Norma John (pictured left), our teacher librarian who has developed a virtual library for us.

Some messages of support from our 2020 School Captains -

Amiee and Hayden

Amiee school captain announcement.MOV
Hayden School Captain announcement.MOV

Information for Parents and Carers regarding COVID-19

Banner photo credit for this virtual learning website:

Emma Laverty is a proud member of the Boorooberongal clan from the Darug tribe in NSW and is a member of our school community. Emma has allowed us to use a photo that she took of a group Macgregor children performing at the ACT Education Directorate's 2019 'Step Into The Limelight' production.