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The Maribyrnong Primary School Online Learning Journey goes live from Monday 21 September. Click on the image below to access our Learning Journey Site.

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If you have a child in years P-3 who is not yet returning to face to face learning, the ACT Education Directorate has put together resources to support your child to continue to learn from home.

These resources will be updated every Friday for the following week and can be accessed by clicking on the graphic on the left.

Can parents please fill our this form each day by 10am to confirm your child's engagement

School song update

Our vision is to be able to sing together when we are all back. Thank you to the students and their families who have contributed ideas to our Maribyrnong Isolation Song. We have written a verse and a chorus...there is still more to come. We will be asking students to sing along and record their voice. Details on how to do this to come!

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Song writing project


Contribute your ideas to the school song.

Go to: https://padlet.com/maribyrnongps/song

Double click on the wall and add your ideas. You can write your ideas, sing them and even add your own videos.

Window art project


Contribute your page to our school Belonging book

Send your contribution to our whole school Belonging book to your classroom teacher by Thursday April 2.

Your page will be added to the whole school book below.

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