Things to Know

Important Dates

  • 16 December Year 6 Farewell Assembly
  • 16 December Whole school transition
  • 17 December Senior Choir to Kangra Waters
  • 18 December Year 6 Fun Day Out
  • 19 December Last Day of School
  • 3 February First Day back for Kindy and...
  • 4 February First day of Term 1

Chris Shaddock


Principal's Address

Dear Kaleen Community,

Thank you to all members of the school community for your valuable contributions to a very successful 2019 at Kaleen Primary School. I am very appreciative of the talented and dedicated group of educators who have once again gone above and beyond to support each and every child to achieve their academic and social learning goals.

Last night we formally farewelled our Year 6 students at their Graduation. On behalf of our staff at Kaleen Primary School, I wish you the very best in your future. You have been such inclusive and positive leaders and amazing role models to the younger children. Congratulations to all students across the school on all your 2019 achievements. It has been an absolute pleasure reading your successes highlighted in the Semester 2 student reports.

To the Parents and Carers, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support. I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful work of the P&C and School Board who continue to work in partnership with the school to support our students’ learning. Thank you to all members of the community who have volunteered their time in order to enhance our school programs. Your contributions with fundraising, creating school resources, reading with children, volunteering and participating in school events is very much appreciated by staff and students. It was great to catch up with many of you at the Volunteers’ Morning Tea earlier today.

Staffing News and 2020 Classes

A small number of staff will be leaving Kaleen at the end of 2018. This is always expected, but it is difficult to say goodbye to people who have made such a positive impact on our school and students.

As announced in the previous newsletter, Michael Hatswell will be leaving us to take on the role of principal at Evatt Primary School. Cecilia Brunker and Lucy Chambers will be absent in 2020 due to Maternity Leave .

The following staff have been successful in winning positions for 2020:

  • Melissa Chiles (Majura Primary)
  • Anita Carr (Evatt Primary)

I am excited to announce that Mary-Caitlin Cox and Tim Allen will be joining our 2020 teaching team. We also welcome back Jamal Sabet who is returning after a year of overseas travel.

To finish up the school year, we have listed our 2020 teaching staff. Please note, this is always subject to change, even at the last minute….but for now, this is what we expect to be our starting lineup for 2020.


Preschool - Fiona Manton & Kat Jeffress

Kindergarten - Mary-Caitlin Cox, Karina Harris & Jess Bulluss

Year 1 - Matt Stretton, Jordan Austin, Karina Adams & Melissa Rawlings

Year 2 - Jamal Sabet, Samuel Bryant & Danielle O’Connor

Year 3 - Alison Peebles, Zak Stewart & Fiona Chapman

Year 4 - Holly Trindall & Lynn Leon, Sarah Crawford & James Shapowloff,

Year 5 - Ryan Lindsay, Tim Allen, Nikki Van Huizen

Year 6 - Kelly Turner & Bec Hadfield

Specialists - Mari Kitasaka, Caren Lowther, Kelly Reeves & Alison Marks

Executive Team Structure

Michelle Northey - Deputy Principal and Preschool Team Leader

Jo Keens - Specialist Team & UC Affiliated Schools Coordinator

Sarah Milligan - Kindergarten to Year 2 Team Leader

Fiona Chapman - Years 3/4 Team Leader

Kelly Turner - Years 5/6 Team Leader

This afternoon from 2:30-4pm class lists for 2020 will also be placed outside on the windows adjacent to the basketball court, on the Deputy Principal office window and in the preschool. We will also be having a whole school transition session on Monday 16 December between 11:30am-1:00pm. This is a fabulous opportunity for all students to meet their new teacher and classmates.

Thanks again for all your contributions to a very positive 2019. Have a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Bye for now,

Chris Shaddock


Sustainability News

Tips for the Advent Season from the Green Team

During ‘National Recycling Week’ earlier this term (11-17 November), Green Team members created ‘recycling bugs’ to remind themselves how important and easy recycling is.

With the Christmas season basically upon us, here are a few ideas for being environmentally friendly over this holiday season:

1. Consider using a real tree for your Christmas tree which could be planted afterwards.

2. Consider making your own Christmas cards or sending an ‘e card’.

3. Wrap presents in reusable fabric wrapping or reusable gift boxes or bags.

4. Use leftover Christmas foods to create new dishes.

5. Ensure cutlery, plates and bowls used over the festive period are recycled where possible

6. Solar LED lights provide a terrific alternative to traditional Christmas lights.

Best wishes from the Green Team

P&C News

Bottle Recycling

The P&C has set up a bottle recycling account so that any family wishing to donate their 10c per bottle to the school can do so. The account is linked to the P&C bank account and email address but to my personal mobile number. Sometimes the account number is best and sometimes you just need a mobile number.

Account number: E010182 (zeros not Os)

Mobile number: 0466 386 377

Like and Follow the P&C Facebook Page

Year 6 Grad

Congratulations to the class of 2019 on their graduation last night! We were thrilled to have Elijah Arranz, from the class of 2013, return as our motivational speaker. A huge thank you to Sunny and the team from the Cheesecake Shop in Dickson for their generous donation of the graduation cake. We wish our Year Six students all the best in their future endeavours!

Japanese & Junior Choirs

On Wednesday 11th of December, students in the Kaleen Primary Junior and Japanese Choirs travelled to the RFBI Holt Aged Care facility to perform a Christmas concert for the residents there. 54 students participated in this Christmas Concert, putting on a 40 min long show including favourite movie songs, old era songs and Christmas carols.

Despite the busy time of year, all students were excellent representatives of Kaleen Primary and helped to bring some Christmas cheer to the elderly residents. A highlight of the concert was hearing the audience singing along with with their favourite songs, including ‘Edelweiss’ from The Sound of Music, ‘Red Red Robin’ and ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’.

It was our pleasure to share the joy of music and Christmas with some very deserving senior community members. Thankyou to all the staff and parents who accompanied us on this excursion and making this concert possible.

Sports Section

On Wednesday 4th December, 35 students from years 4 and 5 participated in an Interschool Sports fun day with Aranda, Fraser and Macquarie Primary Schools. It was a fun day where they learnt new sports. Students from Kaleen demonstrated a high level of sportsmanship and should be very proud how they represented the school.

Heroes' Corner

Over the weekend Paige Slinger, Christina Buckman and Piper Rowntree (all year 6) attended the Australian All Star Cheerleading Championships in Melbourne. Cheerleading is Australia’s fastest growing sport and there were over 13 000 competitors in attendance. The three girls are in different clubs and teams but all competed extremely well. Paige competes in Youth level 1 and her team finished fourth. Christina competes in a junior level 1 team who also finished fourth. Piper competes in Senior levels 3 and 4. Pipers senior level 3 team were lucky enough to defend their national championship making them back to back national champions. Piper was also selected in the Generation Next Down Under squad which is the best 50 junior cheerleaders from across Australia and NZ. Congratulations girls!

If you would like to have your child’s achievements acknowledged here, please email a short blurb to

Term 4 Golden Letter & Kaleen Spirit Awards

Congratulations to the Term 4 Golden Letter & Kaleen Spirit Award recipients.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

ICAS Results

Congratulations to all students from Year 2 to Year 6 for participating in the ICAS competitions.

High Distinction (top 1% of ACT & NSW)

Distinction (top 10% of ACT & NSW)

Credit (top 25% of ACT & NSW)

Merit (top 35% of ACT & NSW)

Digital Technologies

The students were challenged with general skills, word processing, graphics & multimedia, internet & email, spreadsheet & database and programming. Overall, Kaleen Primary School’s results included 1 High Distinction, 3 Distinction, 19 Credit, 3 Merit and 27 Participation certificates.


The students were challenged with text comprehension, writer’s craft, vocabulary and syntax. Overall, Kaleen Primary School’s results included 1 High Distinction, 7 Distinction, 10 Credit, 9 Merit and 43 Participation certificates.


The students were challenged with number & arithmetic, algebra & patterns, measures & units, space & geometry, and chance & data. Overall, Kaleen Primary School’s results included 1 High Distinction, 9 Distinction, 25 Credit, 6 Merit and 39 Participation certificates.


The students were challenged with observing & measuring, interpreting, predicting & concluding, investigating, reasoning & problem solving. Overall, Kaleen Primary School’s results included 7 Distinction, 21 Credit, 7 Merit and 39 Participation certificates.


The students were challenged with dictation, proofreading, rules & conventions and correcting. Overall, Kaleen Primary School’s results included 2 Distinction, 15 Credit, 2 Merit and 38 Participation certificates.


The students were challenged with genre and grammar & punctuation. Overall, Kaleen Primary School’s results included 8 Distinction, 14 Credit, 4 Merit and 20 Participation certificates.

Please follow this link to view individual results.

School Board Vacancies 2020

Membership of the Kaleen Primary School Board is a wonderful opportunity to a participant in the management process of the school and to contribute to the determination of the school’s future directions.

In 2020, our School Board will have one Parent and Citizens Members vacancy and one General Staff vacancy for the period of 1 April 2020 until 31 March 2022.

Nominations will open 11.00am on Monday 3 February 2020. Any parents wishing to nominate can contact the school for more information.

Diana Wallace

Assistant Returning Officer – School Board