Spring Creek High School Library

Hours of Operation: 7:00 am - 2:45 pm on regular school days. On shortened days the library will close at the end of school. SCHS Main Page

Address: 14550 Lamoille Highway, Spring Creek, NV 89815

Phone Number: (775) 753-5575 Fax: (775) 753-5956

Librarian: Sarah Thomas email: sthomas@ecsdnv.net


There will be days when the library may close early becuase of faculty meetings, early out days or other conflicts. Notices of these early closures are communicated by posted signs on the doors and\or by school-wide announcements.

You may use the library when your teacher has scheduled time for your entire class, individually with a pass from a classroom teacher, during your lunch period or before and after school. When you visit the library using a pass from a classroom teacher, please be sure to use the sign in/sign out binder, located by the front door.

Occasionally the library may be used by an entire class during lunch periods. In this case, there may be a sign posted on the library doors stating "Class in Session." If you absolutely need to use the library you may enter and take care of your business. If your visit is not an emergency, please return at a later time.

Book Checkout Policies

  • Students may have FIVE books checked out at a time.
  • Books are checked out for a FOUR WEEK period of time. Books may be renewed once.
  • There is a two week grace period before overdue fines accrue.
  • If a book becomes overdue, and another student has requested that book, we may write a referral as a disciplinary action to retrieve the book. Please do not make us do that!
  • Students may reserve (put on hold) books or request books from other district libraries (inter-library loans).
  • If you have overdue books or fines from a previous school year or from another school library you will not be allowed to check out SCHS books until your account is cleared.

SCHS Internet Use

You must have a signed Acceptable Internet/Telecommunications Policy (AUP) agreement on file to use any school computers, including those in the library. Please demonstrate acceptable computer and internet use in our educational setting. A variety of academic databases are available through SCHS library website. Please, no personal e-mails, chat room use, music downloading, games etc.

SCHS Library Rules

  • Please have something academic to do. (This is school.)
  • Please help keep the noise level down. (Its a library.)
  • Please do not bring food or drink into the library.

This page is created and maintained by Sarah Thomas. Last updated 8/21/2018