Jaguars Student Tech Support

If this website does not help, you can CLICK HERE to fill out the Google Form for advanced help.

Important Chromebook Care Tips

  • Always make sure your Chromebook is charged. Do not let the battery fully drain to 0%.

  • If the battery is drained fully down to 0%, make sure your Chromebook is plugged into the charger before powering it back on.

  • Power off the computer weekly so that you can allow your Chromebook to update.

  • Check out the following video for two basic tips on how you can help your Chromebook function better: CLICK HERE

  • Sometimes you should clear your browsing data and cache, this helps alleviate issues with how webpages load. CLICK HERE

Helpful Links For Student/Parent Resources

  • New features for students and parents in FOCUS - CLICK HERE

Physically Broken Chromebook

If your Chromebook is broken (ie: screen, battery, motherboard, etc.) we will be holding a weekly repair days on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:45-8:15am in front of the school. Bring your Chromebook at that time and we will issue you a replacement or try and repair it. Have your Chromebook charger with you as well. We may swap that out as well.

Browser Not Supported Error Message During testing

  • Your child should login to the Chromebook and open the Chrome Browser

  • He/she should click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser window and choose settings. (NOTE: If the three dots are missing and instead you see a red circle with an arrow pointing up then that means an update has already been downloaded and the Chromebook just needs to be restarted. You can click that red circle and choose restart to update.)

  • Then he or she should look for “About Chrome” and click on it. It will either be at the very top or on the left side of the screen somewhere. (Depends on which version is currently installed)

  • This will take him/her to a screen where it will automatically start checking for any updates and install them. When done a restart button will appear. The student should then click the restart button to complete the update.

Clear your Browser history

This can solve a lot of problems with your Chromebook, including issues with Google Meet, the camera, and how web pages load.

  1. On your Chromebook, open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, click the 3 dots.

  3. Click More tools Clear browsing data.

  4. Make sure to choose "All Time" for how far back to remove your data.

  5. Click the Advanced Tab

  6. Check all the boxes contained in the advanced tab.

  7. Click Clear data.

  8. Once it finishes, close Chrome and reopen it.


If you are experiencing any issues with apps or things not loading correctly. Removing your downloaded Extensions in the Chrome browser may help.

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, click the 3 Vertical Dots, Click More tools, then Click Extensions.

  3. Remove any extension with the "Remove" button, click Remove.

  4. Confirm by clicking Remove.

Enable Third Party Pop Ups

This can solve issues with your online text books not loading properly, as well as, some issues with other websites.

Turn pop-ups on or off:

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, click the 3 Dots to open the extra options menu.

  3. Click Settings

  4. Under 'Privacy and security', click Site settings.

  5. Click Pop-ups and redirects.

  6. At the top, turn the setting to Allowed or Blocked.

  7. You can also add specific websites to this menu. Just copy the website URL and paste it here.

Other Known Issues

Check For Chromebook Updates

  1. Turn on your Chromebook.

  2. Connect your Chromebook to Wi-Fi.

  3. At the bottom right, select the time.

  4. Select Settings (The gear symbol).

  5. At the bottom of the left panel, select About Chrome OS.

  6. Under "Google Chrome OS," you'll find which version of the Chrome operating system your Chromebook uses.

  7. Select Check for updates.

  8. If your Chromebook finds a software update, it will start to download automatically.

  9. When it finishes the update, click restart to finish the update.

Image Size

  • Sometimes the image on a screen may accidentally be enlarged or reduced. To reset, try the following:

    • First, try holding down the ctrl and shift keys on the left side of the key board; while holding them down tap the “0” key.

    • Second, try holding down the ctrl key and pressing the “0” key.

    • Last, try to navigate the pointer down to the clock and click on it. Then look for “Accessibility” and click on it. If any of the accessibility settings have a check mark next to them, uncheck them by clicking. This will deactivate the screen magnifier and other unnecessary settings.

Log in issues

  • Make sure the student is using the correct six digit student number and six digit DOB (no characters or spaces in either) for his/her single sign on.

  • Try logging in as the student and see if you, the adult, can replicate the problem.

  • If the log in is not successful, note the message and notify the teacher. (i.e., “disabled due to intruder detected” or “Incorrect User ID or Password”)


If the Chromebook won't turn on, try the following:

  • Make sure the Chromebook charger connection is getting power. A loose connection can often prevent the Chromebook from charging. There are three connection points to check: both ends and one about half way down the cord.

  • Close the Chromebook and plug it into the charger. Wait about 10 seconds and open the Chromebook back up while it is still plugged in, wait about 10 seconds and don’t press any buttons. If the Chromebook does not start to power up after 10 seconds, press and hold the power key down for 3 seconds. Then wait about 10 seconds to see if the Chromebook starts to come on.

  • Allow the Chromebook to charge for about 30 minutes and repeat steps 1 and 2. If none of these work please notify your child’s teacher of the issue. While waiting to hear back, don’t hesitate to try steps 1 and 2 again. I can’t tell you how many times we have had issues with them not wanting to come on, and if we wait a while later they will magically seem to work again. Apparently, Chromebooks need brain breaks too!

If the Chromebook only seems to work while plugged into a charger, try the following:

  1. Look on the screen near the clock and verify whether or not there is a battery icon displayed. If so, go to step 2. If not, just let your child’s teacher know and feel free in the mean time to continue using the Chromebook while plugged in. I do recommend just for safety reasons that if it is not in use, unplug the Chromebook if it is having this issue.

  2. If the battery icon is there, click on it. This will open up a small panel. In that panel should be the battery percentage and beside it an estimated time until fully charged. If an estimated time is listed the Chromebook most likely just needs to be charged and this lets you know approximately how long until it should be fully charged. If a time isn’t listed or it is stuck at 1% then this indicates the battery is no longer any good. Please notify your child’s teacher and in the mean time to continue using the Chromebook while plugged in. I do recommend just for safety reasons that if it is not in use, unplug the Chromebook if it is having this issue.

Sideways Screen

  • Hold down the crtl and shift keys on the left side of the keyboard and press the refresh button (curving arrow button located just above the 3 and 4 on your keyboard).

  • Each press of the refresh key will rotate the screen 90 degrees.

Sound: Inconsistent

Sometimes when using a Chromebook the sound stops automatically when switching to/from headphones. While a complete fix requires wiping and restoring the Chromebook (which should only be done by the tech coordinator), the quick fix will work.

  • Click on the clock and look for the volume slider bar.

  • If the chromebook senses that headphones are plugged in you will see a small picture of headphones to the right of the volume slider bar.

  • Click on it and the choices for microphone and speakers will be shown.

  • Click on “Speaker (Internal)” to use the built in Chromebook speakers or click on “Headphones” to use the headphones for listening to sound.

Sound: Volume

  • Verify that the volume setting is all the way up and not muted by clicking on the clock.

  • Look for the volume indicator and make sure the speaker icon is not crossed out. If so, click on it to unmute it.

  • Look at the volume level indicator to make sure it is indicating the volume is up. The further right the slider, the higher the volume.

Talking Chromebook

    • Navigate the pointer down to the clock and click on it.

    • Look for the “Accessibility” icon and click on it.

    • If any of these settings have a check mark next to it, uncheck them by clicking on them.

    • This will deactivate ChromeVox, Select-to-Speak, and Dictation; all cause the Chromebook to speak.

Freezing Screen, Keyboard, Mouse etc.

  • CLICK HERE for a video containing two steps to help you with this issue.