AppStream 2.0

The East Central Ohio ESC provides a managed service for school districts in Ohio who wish to use virtaulized applications to offer students Windows-based applications across a variety of devices and including home access. If you are interested in AppStream for your school district, please email

If you are having an issue and you are the IT point of contact for your district, please open a support ticket by emailing If you are a student or instructor and having an issue, please contact your district technology department. Below are some resources compiled to assist in troubleshooting issues with AppStream. In addition to the below resources, here is a link to some AWS resources on troubleshooting issues within AppStrem.

My Adobe Creative Cloud users receive "Activation Limit" when signing in.

As a best practice, ask your users to sign out of Creative Cloud Desktop applications before ending their streaming session. Alternately, customers can sign out of any of their earlier sessions using the dialog that pops up during their subsequent sign-ins into Creative Cloud on AppStream 2.0.

How do I setup Google Drive?

To access your Google Drive during AppStream sessions, you must first add your Google Drive account to AppStream.

  1. In the AppStream session, choose the My File icon at the top left of your browser.

  2. In the My Files dialog box, choose Add Storage, then click Google Drive

  3. Under "Login Accounts." choose your school district's domain name.

  4. The Sign in dialog box displays. Type your username and password for your account when prompted, then sign in.

  5. Click Allow when asked for permission to run the application

  6. After your Google Drive account is added to AppStream, your Google Drive folder displays in the My Files dialog box.

  7. To work with your files and folders in Google Drive, choose the Google Drive folder and browse to the file or folder you want. If you do not want to work with the files in Google Drive during the streaming session, close the My Files dialog box.

Opening Files

  1. In your application, from the File menu, select Open.

  2. Click This PC, then Google Drive.

  3. Select the desired file, then click Open.

Saving Files

  1. In the current application, from the File menu, select Save As.

  2. Click Browe folder, This PC, then Google Drive. Select which folder in your Google Drive you want to save in.

  3. Name your file, then click Save.

How do I print from AppStream?

  1. From within any application in AppStream, choose File > Print

  2. Choose the DCV Printer and select Print

Note: This only works if a printer is installed on your local workstation.

How do I switch between applications?

In the ApplStream navigation bar, click the Launch app icon (the four-squares icon). The List of applications available in your stream will be displayed.

Click the desired app to launch it.

Any currently running apps will remain open. Click Switch windows (the overlapping rectangles icon in the navigation bar) to view all open apps. Click an app’s window to make it active

Copy/Paste with Clipboard in Non-Chrome Browsers

If you are using the Chrome browser, you can copy and paste normally between applications running on your device and running in the Virtual Computing environment. You do not need the information on this page if you are using Chrome.

No Streaming Resources Are Available

When signing in and a message that "No streaming resources are available for your session," it most likely means that at the time you tried to sign in, all available AppStream sessions were currently in use by other users. App stream will be aware of your attempt to sign in and will begin preparing another session, a process that may take up to 10 minutes. We suggest you wait about 10 minutes, then click RETRY.

I'm unable to create a new document in Illustrator

This is a known issue in Illustrator and the current resolution is to go to "Edit" select "Preferences" and under the "General" preferences click the box next to Use Legacy "File New" interface. Once you complete this and click "OK" you should be able to create a new Illustrator document.

I receive the error "No more virtual tiles can be allocated" in Photoshop

When you receive this error, the current workaround we have found is to go to "Edit" select "Preferences" and under "Performance" the default memory usage for Photoshop is 70%. Use the slider (or + key) to move that to 100%. This will allow Photoshop to use all the RAM allocated to the virtual machine.