Advisory COUNCIL


Young Dancemakers Company is rooted in the belief that teenagers have something essential to say to the world, and that they can say it through dance. Because YDC values community engagement and partnership, it launched an inaugural Advisory Council in order to foster a transparent community open to discussion and varied perspectives, leading toward our shared goal: to provide a safe space for emerging dance artists to create original work, express themselves through movement, and share their voice on the dance stage and beyond. Our aim is to create a diverse advisory council that represents YDC over its 27 year history. We will welcome our friends, advocates and community partners who can bring their own expertise, advice and experience to the conversation. This inaugural advisory council is a shared opportunity to think through YDC’s strengths and foundation, and help build a strategic model for YDC’s future growth, development and sustainability.

The YDC inaugural Advisory Council welcomes Jessica Danser, Noele Phillips, Jonathan González and Manuela Agudelo.