Participating Companies

Click on the company logos below to learn more about the company and the potential project opportunities.

Zymergen, Inc.

Emeryville, California

Company size: ~500

Est. number of positions: 5

Bolt Threads

Emeryville, California

Company size: 100

Est. number of positions: 1


Skokie, Illinois

Company size: 135

Est. number of positions: 4

(Additional companies may be announced)

Interested in Becoming One of Our Participating Companies?

Companies interested in hosting a student-intern should contact the Internship Program Director, Dr. Emily Aurand at Interested companies will be asked to submit company profile information and a statement describing the internship opportunity (including general expectations for requisite skills and experience). Participation will be formalized with an agreement between the company and EBRC.

The EBRC Industry Internship Program is currently in a pilot phase and Program details and participation may be limited and subject to change.

The hosting company will be responsible for:

  • Hosting the student intern for four (4) months;
  • Developing a defined, technical project;
  • Providing opportunities for professional development and experience beyond the lab bench (to supplement the technical project);
  • Providing funding to cover the student’s stipend, the student’s tuition and fees for the duration of the internship (fees to be averaged across the intern cohort; see below for detail), travel (if applicable), and a program administration fee.

EBRC will administer the program and be responsible for:

  • Company and student recruitment to the program;
  • The application and match process, and in coordinating interviews between students and companies;
  • Hosting cohort on-boarding and off-boarding activities;
  • Development and distribution of a Program Guidebook;
  • Providing a conduit for communication between the companies, students, and universities;
  • Facilitating payment of student tuition and fees.

Intern Placement Process:

To place students in internship positions, EBRC will facilitate an anonymized ranking and matching process and facilitate interviews between the students and the participating companies. EBRC will also host on-boarding and off-boarding activities for the student-intern cohort to improve networking and communication among students and companies and provide a venue for students to share experiences and results of their internship projects.