Charlotte's Web

by E.B. White

This year to celebrate Read Across America, Bowne-Munro will be participating in a program called One School, One Book. As a school community we will be reading Charlotte's Web and participating in activities throughout the month. Each family will be asked to read one chapter a night, however below you can also listen to each chapter being read by our wonderful staff. We can't wait to share our love of reading with the families of Bowne-Munro. Look out for more information to come!

Bowne OSOB Chapter Schedule

Chapter 1 Trivia Question: What color is the little pig Mr. Arable brings in from the stable?

Chapter 1.mp4

Chapter 1

Before Breakfast

Read by: Principal Ronald Lieberman

Chapter 2 Trivia Question: Wilbur likes to follow Fern around, but sometimes he gets tired. How does Fern move him along then?

Chapter 2.mp4

Chapter 2


Read by: Mrs. DiTomasso

Chapter 3 Trivia Question: What is the name of the rat who lives under Wilbur’s trough?

Chapter 3.mp4

Chapter 3


Read by: Mrs. Orlando

Chapter 4 Trivia Question: How does Wilbur scratch himself when he’s itchy?

Chapter 4.mp4

Chapter 4


Read by: Mrs. Bortnick

Chapter 5 Trivia Question: How does Charlotte say “hello”? (What word or expression does she use?)

Chapter 5.mp4

Chapter 5


Read by: Mrs. Grant

Chapter 6 Trivia Question: Who says, “A rat is a rat?"

Chapter 6.mp4

Chapter 6

Summer Days

Read by: Mr. Ciraco

Chapter 7 and 8 Trivia Question: Who says, “Maybe our ears aren’t as sharp as Fern’s"?

Chapter 7.mp4

Chapter 7

Bad News

Read by: Ms. Pfister

Chapter 8.mp4

Chapter 8

A Talk at Home

Read by: Mr Kevin and Mrs. Sardina

Chapter 9 Trivia Question: What does Templeton tie to Wilbur’s tail so that he can try to spin a web like Charlotte?

Chapter 9.mp4

Chapter 9

Wilbur's Boast

Read by: Mrs. Pouliot

Chapter 10 Trivia Question: What does Lurvy do to get rid of the rotten egg smell?

Chapter 10.mp4

Chapter 10

An Explosion

Read by: Mrs. Oranchak

Chapter 11 Trivia Question: Who says, “That pig is as solid as they come"?

Chapter 11.mp4

Chapter 11

The Miracle

Read by: Mrs. Thompson

Chapter 12 Trivia Question: Who suggests the word “terrific” for the web?

Chapter 12.mp4

Chapter 12

A Meeting

Read by: Mrs. Russ

Chapter 13 Trivia Question: What will it say on Wilbur’s crate when he goes to the State Fair?

Chapter 13.mp4

Chapter 13

Good Progress

Read by: Ms. Drozdowski

Chapter 14 Trivia Question: Who says, “Children pay better attention than adults”?

Chapter 14.mp4

Chapter 14

Dr. Dorian

Read by: Mrs. Bubnis

Chapter 15 Trivia Question: Before the fair, Mrs. Zuckerman gives Wilbur a bath. What kind of bath?

Chapter 15.mp4

Chapter 15

The Crickets

Read by: Mr. Dan

Chapter 16 Trivia Question: Who calls Wilbur “Mr. Radiant”?

Chapter 16 (1).mp4

Chapter 16

Off to the Fair

Read by: Mrs. Schwam

Chapter 17 Trivia Question: What is the name of the pig in the pen next to Wilbur’s?

Chapter 17.mp4

Chapter 17


Read by: Ms. Birckbichler

Chapter 18 Trivia Question: With whom does Fern ride the Ferris Wheel?

Chapter 18.mp4

Chapter 18

The Cool of the Evening

Read by: Mrs. Pelliccia and Mrs. Williamson

Chapter 19 Trivia Question: How many eggs were in Charlotte’s egg sac?

Chapter 19 (1).mp4

Chapter 19

The Egg Sac

Read by: Mrs. Faust and Ms. Hathaway

Chapter 20 Trivia Question: How does Templeton revive Wilbur when he faints?

Chapter 20.mp4

Chapter 20

The Hour of Triumph

Read by: Mrs. Ferrara and Ms. Balzofiore

Chapter 21 Trivia Question: How does Wilbur carry the egg sac home?

Chapter 21.mp4

Chapter 21

Last Day

Read by: Mrs. Vidnansky

Chapter 22 Trivia Question: What are the names of Charlotte’s three daughters?

Chapter 22.mp4

Chapter 22

A Warm Wind

Read by: Dr. Boley