Ms. Zheng

3rd Grade Mandarin Teacher

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I am so excited to be at East Voyager Academy and I am really looking forward to the learning voyage that we will ascend together.

I have majored in Pedagogy of Applied Linguistics and accomplished my MA Degree from Guangxi University, China, 2007.

I have taught 10+ years in the US and China inclusive of: 2 years Mandarin Chinese Immersion Program, teaching 3rd and 4th grade Math, Science and Chinese at Broad River Elementary School, Beaufort, SC,

3 years Mandarin teaching from K-8 at Martin Millennium Academy, Tarboro, NC,

10 years teaching through 3rd grade to college level students in Sichuan, China.

I was awarded the April Star Teacher at Martin Millennium Academy School for the Outstanding Staff Member of the school in 2015. I was awarded the teacher of the year in 2012 for Best Achievement in both teaching and academic research in China. I have also received many accolade awards of teaching contests for integrating motivated strategies into classroom teaching from 2008-2012 in China.

The best part about being a teacher is the fact that I can make a positive impact on students' learning and teach them to be self-motivated, creative and life-long learners. The satisfaction of teaching is to be able to see students blossom right before your eyes.

I am motivated with positive excitement and ready to blossom with my students at EVA this year!

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