Raider Volleyball Team Info

This site will be where you can find updated information for the East Sac County volleyball team members. This will be updated regularly, so please check for new information.

The first official day of high school volleyball practice is August 7th. Make sure you have all of your paperwork completed, including your school physical and concussion form. From August 7 to 18, practices will be from 8 AM to noon in Lake View. On August 16, there will be a scrimmage -- likely for ALL team members -- at Carroll at 4:00 PM.

The East Sac 2017 volleyball schedule can be found here.

East Sac Volleyball Camp

2017 Team Tournament Schedule

Wednesday, August 02 and Thursday, August 03

East Sac County High School - Lake View

Three regulation courts will be available in two different gyms.

* The Big Gym is now, newly air conditioned!

Court 1: Big Gym North (far) end.

Court 2: Big Gym South (close) end.

Court 3: Small Gym.

Storm Lake will bring a varsity only on Wednesday only. Carroll is here only Thursday with both a Varsity and a JV.

All Varsity and JV teams are scheduled for three matches per day, except ESC Varsity will play four matches on Tuesday and only 2 matches on Thursday.

Varsity Teams JV Teams

1. ESC 11. ESC JV

2. Kuemper 12. Kuemper JV

3W. Storm Lake 13 W. - - -

3Th. Carroll 13Th. Carroll JV


5. Newell-Fonda 15. Newell-Fonda JV


Time: Court 1: Court 2: Court 3:

4:00 11 – 15 12 – 14 Warmup

4:45 1 –5 2 – 4 11 – 12

5:30 1 – 4 2 – 3W 14 - 15

6:15 3W – 5 1 – 2 12 – 15

7:00 1 – 3W 4 – 5 11 - 14

7:45 DONE


Time: Court 1: Court 2: Court 3:

4:00 13T – 14 12 – 15 11 - 11

4:45 3T – 5 1 – 4 12 – 13T

5:30 1 – 3T 2 – 4 14 - 15

6:15 2 – 5 11 – 14 13T - 15

7:00 5 – 4 2 – 3T 11 - 12

7:45 DONE

Tournament Guidelines:* All JV and Varsity squads should try to warm up as quickly as possible on their scheduled court. Each match will begin when both teams are properly warmed up. Balls will be provided.

* Games to 25 (no cap, win by two points) will be played. Play as many games as time allows.

* Current IGHSAU rules will be used.

* The score should be kept by the participating teams.

* All matches should start close to scheduled time (as soon as both squads are warmed up) and end promptly every 45 minutes (see time schedules above).

*Officiating will be as in past years; athletes call their own unless a coach wishes to blow a whistle.

* Play the people that you need to play for your own situation. All substitutions are legal. You may rearrange players on the court at anytime. “Brief” time outs or discussions at any time are allowed.

* No champion will be crowned or acknowledged, no awards will be given. The purpose is to prepare for the upcoming season.

The East Sac volleyball camp will be held from July 31-August 3 in Lake View.

UPDATED 07 / 26 / 17

Northwestern Volleyball Summer Invite Information

All seniors are invited to attend. Any incoming freshman, sophomore, and junior who attended at least one open gym by July 6th are invited to participate.

Here is some important information included for those of you that are invited to the Northwestern Volleyball Summer Invite. Please share this information with your parents !

1. We will take two separate teams (ESC-1, ESC-2.) Team Rosters are posted here.

2. Dates of the camp are Friday, July 28 and Saturday, July 29.

3. Athletes playing for ESC – 1 will leave from behind the ESC HS in Lake View on Friday, July 28 at 7:30 am.

Athletes playing for ESC – 2 will leave from behind the ESC HS in Lake View on Friday, July 28 at 2:30 pm.

4. Schedules for both ESC 1 and ESC 2 are posted here. Both teams will stay at the Hampton Inn at Orange City on Friday night. Phone 712-707-4100. They have a swimming pool and a very good “hot” breakfast. Rooming list is posted here.

5. Cost for the Northwestern College trip will be a grand total of $ 115.00 per athlete. This fee will cover hotel room, registration, and gas. It does not include meals.

If you have not yet paid, please bring a check with you made out to “David Waggie” and make payment to coach Waggie the camp.

6. You may want to bring along some nutritious snacks and drinks.

7. Coach / drivers for this trip will be Coach Waggie and Coach Olerich and probably an athlete or two and or a parent or two, yet to be finalized. Parent or athlete driver would need to provide transportation by private vehicle to and from Orange City.

8. Remember to bring all of your volleyball gear including shoes, active ankles and kneepads. If you have your new shoes, make sure to break them in prior to this camp or wear them for “some” of the NW matches to break them in.

9. Talk to the other participants, and coordinate your team wear. Dress the same for matches if at all possible. All ESC-1 and ESC-2 athletes should bring last year’s red and black and gray shirt. If you do not have those shirts then bring any Red and Black and Gray VB shirts.

10. Northwestern is providing officials and scoreboard personnel. They do NOT have a concession stand.

East Sac County

Raider Volleyball

Dear Volleyball Girls and Parents;

I hope you are all having a fantastic summer. Like all summers, this one too will soon come to a close. That means the 2017 Raider Volleyball season is just around the corner. Here are some reminders for you before the season gets underway. Please encourage your parents to read this letter!

1. The official starting date for volleyball practice is Monday, August 7. Most of our early season practices will take place in the morning. They will begin as four-hour practices from 8:00 am until 12:00 noon and then taper off a little. Once school begins, practices will begin promptly at 3:45 pm and end at around 6:00 pm.

2. Your Physical Form must be signed and turned in by our first practice date. You will not be allowed to participate until you have had your physical. Make sure that you have passed your physical before August 7 !

3. Please do some quality running and flexibility stretching between now and practice time so that you can minimize blisters and general muscle soreness. Weight training would also be beneficial. Try to go to open gym at Lake View on Tuesday and Thursday starting at 9:00 am.

4. If you purchase new shoes, please break them in before practice begins. This year we are getting the Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z3 in Black and red. Uptown Sporting Goods in Carroll will sell then to squad members for approximately $85 + tax. A pair in your size has been ordered for you “IF you signed up for shoes”. If you did not sign up for shoes simply tell them that you want to purchase the East Sac County volleyball team shoe at the team price and try on / purchase the size that best fits you. These shoes should now be in stock.

5. If you will miss a practice, meeting, or match, please let me know as far in advance as possible. Try to schedule appointments around practice and matches.

6. We always need managers and bookkeepers. If you know of someone that is interested, or would be good please let me know.

7. Remember the Raider Volleyball Camp at Lake View scheduled as follows:

Monday, July 31, Skills camp 5 – 9 pm

Tuesday August 1, Skills camp 5 – 9 pm

Wednesday August 2, Team Scrimmage Camp 5 – 9 pm

Thursday August 3, Team Scrimmage Camp 5 – 9 pm

8. I hope that the rest of your summer is enjoyable. Have fun and get yourself

“FIRED UP” and ready to play some volleyball.

Sincerely, Coach David L. Waggie, East Sac County Raider Volleyball Home Phone 712 - 664 – 2680 email


Lance Wilhelm will be handling a lot of the paperwork and communications for volleyball this summer. Please feel free to email him any time with questions (