East Hanover School District



This site details the East Hanover Township School District plan to provide distance learning options in the event that the district must be closed due to an emergency health situation. This action plan allows East Hanover Schools to operate remotely while continuing to provide meaningful instruction to students through the use of a variety of instructional resources. The sections below detail the school district’s plan to ensure fluid operation during this time as well as equitable access for all students.

A distance learning day is a remote school day where students and staff have an opportunity to explore and engage in meaningful learning experiences that are: (a) aligned to the curriculum, (b) connected to standards, and (c) relevant to the current instructional sequence. While nothing replaces the genuine human interactions that happen authentically in the classroom between students and teachers, distance learning will support continuity of instruction while we are unable to be in our building(s) in the event of a health-related closure.

Distance learning school days will run as detailed in the section below entitled “Scheduling.” The schedule will allow teaching staff adequate time to present the learning experience to support students as they (a) access information, (b) prioritize their day, and (c) communicate with their teacher(s). Teachers will be available during the hours listed in the Schedule and Attendance Tab to the left. Thirty minutes of each day should be set aside for physical activity recommended by Physical Education and Health teachers.