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While the Earthsong project is primarily housing-focused, we have always been keen to promote economic sustainability and to integrate with the wider neighbourhood. These aspects will find expression in the development of eco-friendly businesses on the section to the south of Earthsong fronting Swanson Road.

This 3900 m2 site is now owned by Walk-to-Work Eco-Developments Ltd, a company set up by Earthsong members specifically to develop this site. An innovative mixed-use commercial and residential cluster is planned that is entirely compatible with the vision and values of Earthsong, and contributes to the revitalisation and unique cultural character of Ranui. The development will include shops and offices for both Earthsong residents and others to run eco-friendly businesses such as natural food and clothing stores, organic cafe and art gallery, holistic health services and environmental consultants.

Building on our wealth of experience from developing Earthsong, Walk to Work will take the twin visions of social and environmental sustainability into a commercial town centre context. Situated adjacent to the commercial centre of Ranui, the Walk to Work project aims to complement and link with the neighbouring community facilities, contribute to a vibrant suburban centre, and be a catalyst for Ranui to move towards being an "eco-village" within Waitakere City's Eco-City.


Ranui itself is a culturally diverse, primarily low income suburb with a big heart! It is home to a number of innovative organisations and initiatives including community development projects such as Ranui Action Project and Project Twin Streams, the bustling Community House and Friday Farmers' Market, and of course Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood. It is on the western train line and therefore identified by Waitakere City Council as a future town centre and growth node.

The central commercial area is currently run down and ripe for redevelopment. Four years ago a unique consortium of the key commercial landowners of central Ranui, including Walk to Work, started meeting as the Ranui Central Development Network (RCDN) to share ideas and information and build consensus around the 'Big Picture' for Ranui. Planning for a new enlarged library and new medical centre is already under way, and Ranui will be transformed over the next few years into a vibrant suburban centre that reflects the cultural, social, and economic needs of the local community, and is a model of a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable town centre.

Development Partners

We'd like to talk with potential business partners who could help develop the project, or could be possible future tenants of a shop or office. We are open to any ethically aligned ideas that will be compatible with our vision for this site.

If you are interested please get in touch! Email: w2w@earthsong.org.nz