Trip to the Natural History Museum

We visited the Earth Galleries to learn more about volcanoes and how they erupt. We experienced a live earthquake and saw impressive fossils from pre-historic animals.

History- The Stone Age

This term in Violet Class we have been learning about the Stone Age. We studied how hunters-gatherers and farmers lived; how they build their houses and grow or hunt their own food.

Did you know that there is an actual Stone Age house in Scotland from thousands of years ago, it is called Skara Brae. Violet Class made some 3D models and wrote fantastic reports about the Life in the Stone Age.


In science we have been learning about light. We have been investigating which surfaces reflect light.

Black History Month

We have learnt about the Windrush Generation. We were using role-play to further understand the experiences of the 500 people who came from the Caribbean to England in 1948.

Trip to Mandir Hindu Temple

We visited this beautiful Hindu temple where we learnt more about Hinduism.

3 Violet has started the new academic year with an excellent attitude, ready to learn and be an important part of Key Stage 2.

Well done!!