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Bread Making

Purple Class had a great time making bread in Design and Technology this half term. They researched different aspects of bread making before finally making their very own delicious loaves.

Musical Youth

Above our trumpet and clarinet players give a fantastic performance to parents and pupils. While the drummers (below) show off their rhythmic skills in front of the whole school.

All involved gave accomplished and confident performances showing how just how far they have developed . Well done everyone!

River Cruise

On our most recent trip we found out more about the history and importance of the River Thames. As we cruised along the river on an open top boat, we got to see all the famous landmarks (such as The Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London and Tower Bridge) dotted along it's banks. Earlier in the day, we even helped to entertain the crowds and keep everyone's spirits up when our departure was unexpectedly delayed. A great day was enjoyed by all on what turned out to be an uncharacteristically warm and sunny spring day.


World Book Day

Can you spot your favourite book character?


Drop every thing and read!

You could have heard a pin drop as we delved into our free choice reading books on World Book Day. Don't believe me? Watch the video above and you'll see for yourself!

We Love Reading

Every Friday morning you will find us in the library discovering new (and old) books.

Science Week

The Power of Reading

The amazing artwork below was inspired by the illustrations in our class reader, 'Way Home' by Libby Hathorn and Gregory Rogers. We used chalk and black paper to recreate some of the dramatic images from the book.


This term we have been investigating forces. In these pictures we are designing a test for an adventure playground. We used our knowledge of friction to decide which surface would be the most suitable for different activities.

We love to dance!

Mrs Shapir taught us this fantastic routine in our PE lessons. We really enjoyed performing it for Ms Wilson who had no idea what dance we had been working on. Thank you Mrs Shapir!

Class Trip Wightman Road Mosque

We had so much fun exploring this beautiful mosque in our local area. We were amazed by how big the mosque was inside. We found out lots more about the Five Pillars of Islam which we have been learning about in class.