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For our R.E this term we learnt about the Jewish festival Hanukkah. We visited the Jewish Museum in Camden where we took part in a workshop called Illuminating Light. We had the opportunity to learn more about the festival, learning about how it is celebrated in homes, as well as the story of the Maccabees.

We made candles using wax for menorahs that are used to celebrate the eight day festival.

We made candles using wax for menorahs that are used to celebrate the eight day festival.

One candle is lit each night over 8 days, representing the oil which lasted for 8 days in the story of the Maccabees.

We also got to visit the gallery looking at various Jewish artefacts such as Torah's and pieces of art work. We had to complete a worksheet in the gallery, searching for various artefacts and completing a task about them.

In History this term we have been learning about the Stone Age to Iron Age. We learnt about what life was like over 2500 years ago and how humans have evolved over time. We learnt about a Stone Age settlement from the Orkney Island called Skara Brae. This settlement marks a time in history when people decided to start settling in one place, rather than move around the country. We recreated what a home might have looked liked during this period. Homes begun having a central fireplace in the home, as well as creating a space to display precious objects like jewellery and vases.

In Year 4 we are learning to play the guitar. We have lessons every Wednesday and have the opportunity to take them home each week to continue practising. We performed a concert to our families showcasing the songs we have learnt to play.

During Maths week, we took part in a Maths workshop where had to work together as a group to work out and solve Maths problems. In the classroom we worked on Tangram puzzles, trying to move the pieces around to create the animals shown.

As part of our English and Geography topic on deforestation and climate change, we visited the Science Museum in London to watch a 3D film called Deep Sea 3D. We had to wear 3D glasses to experience what life is like for underwater sea creatures. It was very interesting and exciting, as we were able to get up close to animals we have never seen other than in books. We also had the opportunity to see first hand the effects of climate change and the devastating consequences for many underwater animals.