yEAR 2 Green Class

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We read Jack and the Beanstalk and made moving pictures where Jack can really climb up the beanstalk!

The String moves round in a circle and it pulls Jack up and down.

Maths. We have been comparing weights and deciding which things are heaviest and which things are lightest. We recorded what we found out in our Maths books.

Amelia is comparing the weight of a book and a box to see which is heavier.

We wrote Lovely little storybooks.

The Police came in to show their uniforms with all their different jackets and hats and explained what they were for. THey showed their police car and played the siren. it was very loud!

DT. In Design Technology we made winding mechanisms where we could make spiders go up and down.

we visited St paul's cathedral.

We learned about how the Great Fire of London burned it down and how Sir Christopher Wren rebuilt it. We saw statues that were black from the smoke.

trying to put out the fire.

Children dressed up in leather firefighter helmets and used a leather bucket to try to put out the fire.

Sir Christopher Wren.

Ardil dressed up as Sir Christopher Wren who was the architect who designed St Paul's Cathedral after it was burnt down.

sewing In Design and technology

Look at our fabulous owls. Aren't they beautiful?

We wrote all about the great fire of London

Look at 3D Tudor Houses!

We created phoenixes representing rebirth

Like the phoenix, modern London has emerged from the ashes of the Great Fire.

We experimented in Science to find the best kitchen roll

We tested different kitchen towels by dropping water on carefully with a pipette.

David and Amelia worked well together.

We tried to find out which materials were waterproof and which were absorbent.