Welcome to Year 3 Aqua's Class Page!

Important information in Year 3

Our PE. and library time is on Monday

Spelling and Mental Maths tests are on Wednesday

Please return homework and reading journals by Thursday

New homework and reading books are given out on Fridays

Mr Higgins is our teacher!

Mr Higgins was born in Australia. He has been teaching at Earlsmead since 2008, and working there since 2002!

Samina is our teaching assistant

Number Day 2019!

On Monday, we solved tricky puzzles that compelled us to think about problems in different ways!

On Tuesday we played battlships across the classroom! We had to leanr how to read coordinates in order to play on the grid.

Collaborative Learning - working together

In Year 3, we will be developing our group-work skills throughout the year in all of our subjects. We are not only trying to develop our own skills, but also to create and discover together. In September, we created pieces of the sky to put together as a single painting.

Black History Month - the Windrush 70 years on!

We learned about the experience of people who travelled on the HMS Empire Windrush from Jamaica to Britain in 1948. Here we are dressing up as some of those new arrivals!

Science - Our Topic on Light

Light reverses images when it is reflected in a mirror. We found this out as we tried to walk backwards, following a wiggly line using only a mirror to guide us! We also wrote secret messages in mirror writing!

We investigated how light is reflected by mirrors. As we tried to walk along a wiggly line backwards, we noticed how the mirror reverses the light. That made it tricky!


Watch the video of our mirror challenge! :)