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Program Overview

The purpose of this 18-month, EARCOS-sponsored program is to build deep understanding and skills in teaching a neurodiverse population. The intent is for school leaders and teacher leaders, in turn, to develop such strong faculty capacity and collective self- efficacy in their schools that there is no longer a question of whether a wider diversity of needs can be met within the school.

The program offers a shared understanding of the practices, systems, and structures needed to facilitate a school community vision that values inclusion and sees the benefits for all students. The courses challenge thinking around what neurodiversity means and faculty identity as inclusive educators. Participants learn to develop tiered systems of support, implement universal design for learning, design intervention, measure progress, support metacognition and emotional regulation, and how to coach and lead inclusive practices.

We want participants to leave prepared and enthusiastic to lead schools courageously to design instruction "to the edges" in a way that elevates outcomes for every student in the school. The goal of inclusive, universally-designed schools is to prepare not only experts in content, but also expert learners, who engage intentionally in learning, set their own goals, and know how to take charge of their own learning--in school, and in life beyond school.

Each course includes a combination of live facilitation and self- paced, online learning. Four of the courses are hybrid, with a portion of the course taught in person at an EARCOS conference or as a weekend workshop. The remaining four courses are entirely online. Courses can be taken individually, but registration preference is given to those enrolling in the full program.

Participants can take coursework for professional development only, or for a Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership from San Diego State University. Master's students take an additional 3 courses online, and develop a capstone portfolio (in lieu of a thesis). Graduation is at the conclusion of the summer 2024 semester.

The fee for the program of 8 courses is $5200 for EARCOS members, paid at $650 per course ($750 for non-members). The additional fee for those in the SDSU master's program is $6,378.

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COURSE 1: March 2023* Universal Design for Learning -repeated May 2023 online (Finished)

COURSE 2: June 2023 Multi-Tiered Systems of Support & RTI (Finished)

COURSE 3: July 2023 Teaming with Families (Read more) (Finished)

COURSE 4: October 2023* Mastery Assessment & Grading (Read more) (Finished)

COURSE 5: January 2024* From Goals to Growth

COURSE 6: March 2024* Compassionate Classrooms

COURSE 7: May 2024 Coaching & Consultation in Inclusive Schools

COURSE 8: June 2024 Organizational Change for Equity & Inclusion

RECOGNITION: October 2024 in person during the EARCOS fall leadership conference

* denotes hybrid in-person and online delivery of the course.

About Lee Ann Jung

Lee Ann Jung,PhD, is founder of Lead Inclusion, Clinical Professor at San Diego State University, and a consultant to schools worldwide. A former special education teacher and administrator, Lee Ann now spends her time in schools, working shoulder-to-shoulder with teams in their efforts to improve systems and practice. She has consulted with schools in more than 30 countries and throughout the United States in the areas of universal design for learning, inclusion, intervention, and mastery assessment and grading. Lee Ann is the author of 7 books, numerous journal articles and book chapters on inclusion, universal design, and assessment. She serves on the advisory board for Mastery Transcript Consortium, as section editor of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Education, and on the editorial board member for several professional journals. In her community, Lee Ann is a board member for Life Adventure Center, a local nonprofit with a mission of healing for those who have experienced trauma.

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