Biology Course Overview

Biology is the study of living things. This course covers a variety of topics focused around five central themes: cell structure and function; mechanisms of genetics; biological evolution and classification; biological processes and systems; and interdependence within environmental systems. This program promotes scientific thinking through problem-solving, a process that encourages curiosity and careful inquiry. The teaching method will center on active student learning revolving around class work, group work, and laboratory investigations.

Biology Course Syllabus

Syllabus 19-20-Polanco.pdf

Class Calendar

Required Biology Course Supplies

3 Ring Binder (Your Biology Notebook)

(1) Pack of Dividers

Writing Utensils (Pen or Pencil)

Eanes ISD Charged IPAD

Voluntary Items: One Box of Kleenex and/or Paper Towels

Google Classroom

Westlake High School utilizes the Google Classroom platform to share classroom resources, many assignments, and assessment preparation materials to students. WHS students will receive a classroom code to access these materials, submit assignments, and track any missing work.

Additional Resources

2019-2020 Eanes Calendar.pdf

UIL Eligibility Calendar 2019-2020

UIL Eligibility Calendar for WHS 9 Week 19.20 approved (1).pdf

Flinn Safety Contract.pdf