Eanes ISD is committed to fostering technology integration that promotes well-being and safe practices for students, staff, and parents.

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Demystifying Data Privacy

We are sharing more about ourselves than ever before with companies, individuals, and public institutions. Chris Hanson, Educational Partner at Westlake High School, met with parents and discussed risks as well as best practices to help understand the complex world of data sharing we now live in. A podcast and video link will be posted in the future.

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Common Sense- Privacy Program

Common Sense Media, a non-profit research organization, is an industry leader in developing resources for parents and teacher to learn more about technology applications. recently released their Privacy Program page with resources and information about data privacy. You can use tools catered to students, educators, or parents.

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Digital Wellness in Eanes ISD

April 30th the Technology Department and Innovative Learning Department in Eanes ISD hosted a community event with workshops and information on district technology management and personal digital wellness.

Thank you to all of our attendees and presenters! Stay tuned for future opportunities or email whsedtech@eanesisd.net for more information on district and personal device management.

Popularity of Privacy

Apple recently released an ad campaign aimed at promoting the privacy features of their iPhone product. Click the image to learn more about their practices and why other tech giants might not rush to the same platform.

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What are the Laws?

Laws in general can be confusing and vague, and when if comes to data privacy there is no exception. Ferpa Sherpa, a service of the Education Privacy Resource Center, shares simplified info for parents, students, and staff.

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