DCA Art 1

This class is designed for Denair Charter Academy students that are new to art, and wish to learn the very basics of drawing. If a student already has the basic skills, and is able to produce some decent drawings, they should sign up for the DCA Art 2 class.

NOTE: Due dates below are an approximation and should serve as a pacing guide for students so that they don't fall behind.

Quarter 1 Projects

Kitten: Aug 20

Pig: Aug 27

Shark: Sept 3

Female Faces: Sept 10

Male Faces: Sept 17

This video is the same as Female Faces video, however the female and male faces count as two separate projects

Cartoon Coyote: Sept 24

Sassy Girl: Oct 1

Quarter 3 Projects

There are no videos for the Shaded Cowboy or Shaded Horse. Simply apply the methods and strategies you learned in previous lessons to these drawings.

Shaded Cowboy Dude: Jan 14

Shaded Horse: Jan 21

Contour Hand: Feb 10

Contour Shoe: Feb 25

3D Block Letters: Mar 4

Quarter 4 Projects

For the Choice of Style Projects, choose one of the pictures from the "Examples" folder for each project, or an example from the internet of equal difficulty, and turn it in by the due date for a grade. If you choose one of your own from the internet, make sure to check with your teacher to get it approved.
Note: You will need to log in to your DCA Google account in order to access these folders & files.

Line Drawing: Mar 25

Shaded Drawing: April 8

Color Pencil Drawing: April 29

Ink Pen Drawing: May 13