Mrs. Carlson's Corner

Welcome to Mrs. Carlson's Corner! I teach math at Fallon Middle School and I created this website for parents and students to access important information including links, documents, homework assignments, and instructions based on the activities that we will complete in class on a daily basis.

Below is some information about "growth mindset." Educators across the country are responding to the research about having a growth mindset and my classroom is no exception. Please read through the words and take the time to watch the videos from Jo Boaler, a Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University, as she discusses the recent brain science research looking into math learning.

To learn more about Jo Boaler, please visit her Stanford faculty profile page.

Jo Boaler has put out a new video and information titled "Rethinking Giftedness" and I encourage you to visit this page on her Youcubed website to learn more about the work that she and her team are doing.


Is yours Fixed or Growth oriented? Think about your favorite class, sport, or hobby. Would you consider yourself good at it? Do you put forth a lot of effort towards it? Chances are, you answered yes to both. Effort is what makes you SMARTER; even scientists say so! Success doesn’t come without practice, setbacks, and MISTAKES. And yes, I expect you to make mistakes!

MATH means:



Thinking to


Embrace your mistakes so you learn from them! My philosophy is for students to share successes and failures so that together we can grow as a learning community.

The videos to the right are a good start on understand the Growth Mindset movement. Click here to visit Jo Boaler's website for an abundance of Mindset Boosting Videos!

In our classroom we will focus on critical thinking, discussion & exploration with an open mind. As a student in this class, you will be expected to think independently and work collaboratively with your peers. You will explain your thinking and justify your reasoning both in writing and during discussions. You will critique the reasoning of others and consider the feedback you receive.