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I am so glad you are visiting our webpage. This is a great place to find information regarding our class. See the above tabs for math, science & social studies information and links, the calendar, downloads and games.

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Mrs. Hesson hesson_cara@dublinschools.net

Mrs. Studer studer_amy@dublinschools.net

4th Grade Supply List

AUGUST A few things to remember as we get ready for the 2018-2019 school year:

  • Students placed in Mrs. Hesson's or Mrs. Studer's class will have both teachers each day. Mrs. Studer teaches all the language arts classes and Mrs. Hesson teaches the math, science and social studies classes.
  • Please attend our CURRICULUM NIGHT on Tuesday, August 28 @ 6:30. We will start in the commons with Mr. Zeoli and then finish in our classrooms.

Operation Cup Stack Activity

The Task: Using the cups labeled with numbers 1-6, your mission is to create a pyramid three rows high. The cups must be stacked so the sum of each horizontal and diagonal row is 10. Finally, no one in your group can touch the cups with any body part. You may only use the tool provided to complete the mission.

H/S 2018 Curriculum Night Housekeeping Sheet

Team Studer/Team Hesson

Curriculum Night Housekeeping Class Information

H/S Curriculum Night 2018