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Team we are not allowed to have a regular meeting tonight because of the weather. But we can have a meeting with some of the team leaders. The leaders will be contacted by me, Mr. Sansuchat, Grace, Isaac or Jack. Please check your school email.

There are a few important links. The most important is the link to join the team Google Group. This will give you access to all of our team news. This link will take you to our general information page. Here is the link with instructions on how to register with FIRST and complete the online consent to be photographed form. Your parents will need to complete the registration if you are under 18.

Another important link is The Dublin Robotics Boosters web site, which has important links and a booster registration form can be found there. You can find out more information about FIRST Robotics in general at the FIRST web site. Information about the Central Ohio Robotics Initiative is available on the CORI web site.

All meetings will be in Coffman 118 unless otherwise noted here. There will be no team build meeting on Saturday January 12. Instead we will be volunteering to help run the FLL Tournament at Coffman.

Here is our team Facebook group

Here is a link to the ChiefDelphi forums

Our team YouTube channel is here

Our Twitter page is here

Regional Competitions

Miami Valley Regional Mar 6 - Mar 9 at Wright State

Buckeye Regional March 27-30 at Cleveland State (this is the second weekend of spring break)

Field trip form for Miami Valley Regional (March 6-9) and Buckeye Regional (Marc 27-30):


Field trip and medical forms only for Buckeye Regional (Marc 27-30):



Chaperone Responsibilities Form (only needed for parent chaperones)