AP Chemistry Summer Assignment

Welcome to AP Chemistry!! Most of you already have a background in chemistry from your Chemistry 1 class, but AP Chemistry is very different. Rather than memorizing how to do particular types of problems, you must really understand the chemistry and be able to apply it to different kinds of problems.

AP Chemistry is a difficult course. To succeed, you must keep up with the assignments and be willing to spend time working through the material. Like most AP classes, AP Chemistry comes with a summer assignment. The purpose of this summer assignment will be make sure that everyone is at the same starting point come mid-August. If you did not take Chemistry 1, you will need to play catch-up this summer to be ready by the beginning of the school year. This assignment is due the first day of class and we will have a quiz on the material that is to be memorized the first week of school. The assignment will count as one test grade.

AP Chemistry will meet two periods a day and will contain 6-8 homework assignments and 1 chapter assessment each week. The workload is intense and every assignment will be taken for a grade. Over the first few days there will be a series of tests to determine if this class is the right fit for you.

We check our e-mail frequently, so feel free to contact us if you are having problems doing the summer assignment. Please take the summer assignment seriously. If you have any questions, email the teacher listed on your schedule.

Have a great summer.

Mr. Snyder snyder_greg@dublinschools.net

Mr. Brown brown_mark@dublinschools.net