Designing for Responsible Learning Analytics:

A User-Centered Approach

Welcome to Designing for Responsible LA!

September 20 from 9.00 to 12.00 CET


Come and join us, no need to submit a position paper!

In this workshop participants will be offered a creative and fun space to:

i) map and discuss different stakeholders’ ethical and privacy concerns when designing LA tools (e.g. pertaining to data collection and unauthorized secondary use) and

ii) be involved as co-designers (representing different stakeholders’ roles) of responsible (i.e. protecting and enabling stakeholders' agency) LA tools.

The workshop outcomes will represent the different European perspectives and inform the TEL and LA communities about LA stakeholders’ concerns and preferred design choices related to the design of sustainable and responsible LA tools.

List of topics

  • Learning design and design approaches

  • Learning analytics

  • Human-Centered Design

  • Ethics and privacy for data gathering, storage, processing, and presentation

  • Data privacy and data privacy by design

  • Strategies to handle privacy for handling educational data

  • Formal education: K-12 & higher education

  • Lifelong learning

  • Global challenges

  • Inclusive, equitable, and accessible learning