DSMS National Junior Honor Society

NJHS Collected over 1,500 cans for Helping Hands Food Bank. Way to go DSMS!

NJHS Sock Wrapping Party for Cancer Patients

Congratulations to the new 2021-2022 NJHS Officers!

President: Sadie Osterhues

Vice-President: Drew Fuquay

Secretary/Treasurer: William Tait

Communications Officer: Olivia Eggleston

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 New Members!!

Allen Kundukulangara

Ardreaux Arnold

Ashlyn Horton

Ava Ashe

Ava Moore

Ayden Davila

Blake Bassford

Brandon Hendricks

Caiden Kimble

Calvin West

Campbell Owenson

Camryn Cunningham

Canin Wiese

Carter Portewig

Christy Friedland

Colton Inglish

David Williams

Drew Fuquay

Dylan Teague

Emi Swannack

Ethan Deshazo

Evan Bergeron

Ewen McTiernen

Genevieve Howard

Gentry McGinnis

Grace Henline

Grace Williams

Harper Whitenight

Honor White

Houston White

Hudson Whitenight

Jacob Parmeson

Jacob Pool

Johannah Stalvey

John LeBas

Kathleen Evans

Keira McAlester

Kyra Tilley

Lila Heinz

Lillian Burns

Lilly Reilly

Lilly Ruff

Lorelei Gamble

Luke Vollrath

Lyla Dusing

Macie Terrell

Maddie Hovatter

Maddie Nance

Madison McGinnis

Madison Sestak

Maelynn Hiller

Malayah Broom

Maren Kraham

Margeaux Smith

Marina Fluitt

Mary Lux

Matthew Roske

Merrick Bloomgren

Mia Mervin

Miranda Stewart

Nathan Butkevic

Paisley Rosas

Philip Rhode

Piper Suess

Rachel Greebon

Rebekah Knepper

Sarys Tracey

Sawyer Hollis

Tyler Organ

Vivian Wahlers

William Tait

Ximena Diaz

Jorie Meyers

Zoe Geng

Zoey Parks

NJHS Meeting
NJHS Bylaws

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