SWC Staff

Teacher Emails, Websites & Online Office Hours

New to 2020 - Teachers now offer OFFICE HOURS.

This is a set time each day during the week when staff are available online for quick responses, and, in some cases, synchronous virtual meetings. Look to their posted hours below, and begin with an email.

Ms. Emily Barrett (English semester one only)

Ms. S. Bashar (English)

Mme J. Bedard (Science Program Leader)

Mme M. Bourque (Canada and World Studies Program Leader)

Mr. M. Breaton (English)

Mr. C. Brendzy (Science)

Mr. L. Bruschke (COOP)

Mr. R. Busca (Technology)

Ms.K. Capes (Technology)

Ms. E. Carlson (Arts Program Leader)

Mr. D. Chapelle (Science)

Ms. M. Chausse (Family Studies, Sociology)

Ms. W. Cook (Guidance, Physical Education)

Ms. K. Corcoran (Sociology)

Ms. D. Cox (English Program Leader)

Ms. P. Darling (Science - here semester two)

Ms. S. Davis-Thompson (Guidance, Family Studies)

Ms. K. Diamond (French)

Ms. A. Digirolamo (Educational Resource Teacher)

Mr. P. Domarchuk (COOP)

Mr. J. Flood (Math)

Mr. L. Glantz (Technology)

Ms. K. Hancock (Drama, English)

Mr. W. Huizer (Math)

Mr. A. Huyzers (Science)

Ms. K. Johnson (French)

Dr. D. Kamatovic (Science)

Mr. F. Keltos (Technology)

Mr. D. Kitchen (English)

Mr. A. Lillo (Math Program Leader)

  • Angelo.Lillo@dsbn.org uses D2L and OneNote Class Notebook

  • Office Hours 2:15-3:00 pm

Mr. B. Lipsett (Business)

Mr. B. Mergl (Physical Education Program Leader)

Mr. D. Moore (Computer Science)

Mr. S. Mouck (Math)

Ms. L. Murray (History)

Mr. B. Nickel (English)

Ms. A. Nigro (Math)

Mr. A. Onclin (Student Success Program Leader)

M. P. Perron (Physical Education)

Mr. J. Predovich (Geography, Family Studies)

Mr. B. Rigas (English)

Ms. J. Robertson (French)

Ms. C. Rozendaal (Art)

Ms. C. Schappert (Science)

Ms. T. Short (Physical Education)

Ms. I. Siemiaszko (Guidance Program Leader)

Mr. S. Smith (Math)

Ms. G. Stickney (Music)

Ms. K. Ten Brinke (History)

Mr. J. Thibodeau (Physical Education)

Ms. T. Tomins (Science)

Mr. D. Vandermolen (Business)

Mr. J. P. Verrucci (Geography, ESL)

Mr. J. Wastell-Newcombe (French)

Mr. A. Watson (Math)

Mr. P. Witterick (History)