Take Our Kids To Work is Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

Step into your future for a day! You need a signed permission form to participate.

Why should you participate? To gain an understanding first-hand of the skills required to be successful in the workplace. To formulate an understanding of the type of work you might enjoy and have an aptitude for. To reflect on what parts of the work day you like and don't like. To grasp in a practical way the variety of career possibilities available to you. To gain an appreciation for the work your parents do each day. To begin to answer the questions in the IPP (see below) and identify future opportunities. To increase your motivation to engage in your learning!!

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GRADE 9 289-274-0400 TEXT - @myernines

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Career Cruising Course Plans and IPP:

In addition to the Course Planner where students have access to choosing their secondary school courses, all students have their own unique individual portfolios that can be accessed from a computer anywhere at anytime called the Individual Pathways Plan through Career Cruising. Students need only to log onto D2L from Myer's Home Page in order to work with their portfolio. The following outlines the recommended standards of completion for students as they move through each grade.