Destination Reader

"Open our minds to discover new things about you and the world." - Sacred Heart Mission Prayer

Following our 'Little Wandle Letters and Sounds' phonics teaching and early reading strategies in EYFS and KS1, children from Years 3 - 6 progress to the 'Destination Reader' programme.

Destination Reader is a structured approach to the teaching of reading at KS2 designed to ensure equality of provision for all children. A daily whole-class interactive session includes modelling, discussion of texts and independent reading. Learning behaviours allow children to work independently and strategies deepen children’s understanding of texts.

Aims of the Destination Reader Programme

Destination Reader blends a range of learning behaviours and reading strategies which, brought together, allow children to explore and understand texts independently, at a deeper level. 

Learning Behaviours 

1. Support and actively listen to others 

2. Discuss and explain their ideas

3. Take responsibility for their own/their group’s learning

Once these learning behaviours have been embedded, the children learn 7 key reading strategies in turn which help them deepen their understanding of texts.

Reading strategies 

1. Predicting 

2. Inferring 

3. Asking questions 

4. Evaluating 

5. Clarifying 

6. Making connections 

7. Summarising

In Years 3 and 4, children initially concentrate on one strategy at a time. Teachers are able to support and challenge children to develop their skills through high expectations of oral and written use of the strategies. 

In Years 5 and 6, the strategies are then combined as the children progress and these are applied to different forms of texts such as poetry and non-fiction. These strategies equip children with a robust toolkit to apply when reading across the curriculum and at home.