Y4 Recommended Reading


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Stuff You Should Know by John Farndon

The Wonder Garden by Jenny Broom

Botanicum by Kathy Willis

The Story of Life by Catherine Barr

Women In Science by Rachel Ignotofski

50 Things You Should Know About Space by Raman Prinja

The Usborne Official Astronaut Handbook by Louie Stowell

The Big History Timeline Wallbook by Christoher Lloyd

50 Things You Should Know About the Human Body by Angela Royston

Does My Goldfish Know Who I Am by Gemma Elwin Harris

Story of Life: Evolution by Katie Scott

Monsterology by Dugald Steer

I is for India by Prodeepta Das

The Fossil Girl. Mary’s Anning’s Dinosaur Discovery by Catherine Brighton

The Pebble In My Pocket. The history of our Earth by Meredith Hooper