Coronavirus treatment: Vaccines/drugs in the pipeline for Covid-19

  • Pharmaceutical companies and research centers around the world are mobilizing and developing new ways to prevent and treat Covid-19. Here is a list of vaccines/drugs, some undergoing clinical trials and some in pipeline. To read more, click this link here
  • Favilavir and Remdesivir, both antiviral drugs, have reportedly shown promising results and final clinical trial results are awaited from the NIH USA and China. Read more here
  • Currently, there is no drug or vaccine recommended by the World Health Organization for use in prevention/treatment of COVID-19. Read more here
  • The WHO has provided a draft landscape of COVID-19 Candidate Vaccines for information purpose. All 35 candidate vaccines are under pre-clinical phase, meaning the vaccines are yet to be tested in Humans. Read more here and this link

Updated on 5 March 2020.