Githens MIDDLE FIne Arts 


Welcome to the Githens Middle School Fine Arts Team web page. We recognize that many of our students live for the arts.  Here you will find information for each Fine Arts teacher, their program and how you can stay connected with us. We are committed to making the arts a part of your daily lives.

CHORUS STUDENTS:  Here is your project to complete during the month of December.  Presentations are due by Tuesday, December 19, 2023.

You will be completing a project comparing a famous composer to a music artist of your choice.  The first presentation linked will have a set of directions on how to complete the project and contain a list of composers to choose from.

The second presentation will have a template for you to edit and make your own.  Both links will force you to create a copy to make your own.

1) Project Directions Presentation: CLICK HERE

2) Project Template for you to edit: CLICK HERE

 Click on a teacher below to meet the team!

Githens Fine Arts Administrator: James Carter 


DPS Director of K-12 Arts: Lester Turner


See Indivudual Teacher Pages for Zoom/Canvas Links