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Technology/Engineering Design

Health Science



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Technological Systems 

Meeting Technology

Engineering & Design

Exploratory Spanish 6th and 7th

Native Speakers 7th

Spanish 1A 8th

Native Speakers 8th

Spanish 1 High School Credit

Keyboarding & Word Processing

Introduction to Office Productivity

Introduction to Business & Entrepreneurship

Med Terms and Body Systems in Therapeutic Careers (6th)

Med Terms and Body Systems in Diagnostic Service Careers(7th)

Med Terms and Body Systems in Biotechnology Careers(8th)

Welcome to CTE!

Take a look at this video to get an overview of Career and Technical Education.

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Ms. Lisa Outlaw:

GMS Counselors

CTE Administrator: 

Crystal Cahill:

Githens' Administration Leadership

Principal: Dr. Sheldon Lanier -

6th Grade: Mr. James Carter -

7th Grade & Applied Arts: Mrs. Crystal Cahill -

8th Grade: Ms. Vivanese Major -

Active Reading strategies used throughout all courses:


S - Show up for online learning classes and submit all assigned work.

P - Participate with the goal of mastering the learning standards.

A - Advocate for yourself when you need support. Communicate through DPS approved methods.

R - Read, read, read, directions, extra material, and books. Reading is essential for your growth.

K - Know and follow the Durham Public Schools Student Code of Conduct. Students are still accountable for the Student Code of Conduct when engaging in online learning. This includes the appropriate use of technology.

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