Greetings from the Athletic Director!

At Hamilton, we understand how important physical activity is for healthy bodies, hearts, and minds. Athletics are a great way to meet other Huskies, feel a part of the team, and strive for excellence together.

We encourage all students to be involved in athletics in some way.

Physical Education Classes

All Hamilton scholars participate in physical education classes. These classes offer a blend of formal education in various team sports with an added focus on conditioning and fitness.

Intramural Sports Teams

For many of our scholars, participation in intramural sports is an important part of Husky life. Sports allow scholar athletes the chance to learn new skills, practice the ones they have, find mentorship in their coaches, and feel connected to other Hamilton scholar athletes on their team.

Important Information for 2020-21 Sports Teams

Due to Covid 19 guidelines, all sports (with the exception of softball) have been postponed to Spring Semester for the 2020-21 school year. DPS will reevaluate the feasibility of additional sports as we get closer to Spring Semester.


Only students with a completed physical examination form and parent permission form will be allowed to try out. A $25 Athletics Fee is due before the first practice. Be prepared for tryouts for Early Fall Sports in the first or second week of school. First matches, meets, and games are held about two weeks after school starts.

Academic Eligibility

Scholars pick up an eligibility form on Monday and get it signed by ALL teachers by Thursday. Scholars with a D or F in any class will NOT be eligible for the following week's games. Scholars in ISIR are also ineligible for their next game. This prepares our middle school scholar athletes for the academic requirements they will encounter in high school.

Athletic Seasons

Denver Public Schools divides the school year into four sports seasons:

  • Early Fall –Late August to mid-October: Cross Country, Boys Soccer, Softball

  • Late Fall –Mid-October to mid-November: Flag Football, Volleyball, 6th Grade Volleyball

  • Winter –Early December to mid-February: Boys & Girls Basketball

  • Spring – Early February to mid-May: Floor Hockey, Baseball, Girls Soccer

Parent Communication

In case of weather cancellations we will communicate with you through the free, secure SchoolDeets App. If you aren't already registered, we encourage you to do so at SchoolDeets.com.

I'm looking forward to helping your child reach his/her athletic potential. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Go Huskies!

Tori Elmore, Director of Athletics





SEPTEMBER 10, 14, 16

4:00 - 5:30 PM

FREE Athletics Physicals

available through Denver Health at Thomas Jefferson High School's School Based Clinic

3950 S Holly St, Denver, CO 80237

(720) 423-7190

More information about the Prep League is available from the Denver Public Schools Athletics Department.