North Carolina

Regional Education Facilitators

The Regional Education Facilitators monitor and guide LEAs and Charters as they provide quality induction programs that nurture and support the professional growth of a beginning teacher. The work of this team is to ensure that State Board of Education policy TCED-016 is understood and implemented at the local level. Program webinars for beginning teacher coordinators, quarterly EPP/ LEA collaborative meetings, annual Peer Reviews with critical friends, and continuous professional development allow each stakeholder to stay abreast of current policy while building networks and professional relationships. These networks establish avenues for support from teacher preparation programs through the three year induction period in an LEA/ Charter. A five-year program monitoring cycle ensures compliance with State Board policy for induction and evaluation requirements. Program monitoring is not intended to be punitive yet to provide avenues for assistance and growth as each LEA and charter school in the state of North Carolina works toward meeting state guidelines. Data collected from these monitoring visits serve as a catalyst for support in terms of technical assistance and professional development.


Please see the map and chart below to find information for your Regional Education Facilitator.

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