NCEES-questions-5.11.17 (1).pdf

Questions for Post Observation Conferences and Summative Evaluations

Use this link to access evaluation policies for educators in North Carolina.


AnnEvalProcessChart_Teachers (1).pdf

Teacher Evaluation Process Feb. 2019

NCEES Evaluation Cycle Requirements.pdf

Teacher Evaluation Cycle Requirements

PDP Chart.pdf

PD Plan Chart


Code of Ethics Policy ID Number QP-C-014


Code of Ethics Pamphlet


NC Professional Teaching Standards.pdf

NC Professional Teaching Standards

Teacher_Rubric 2015.pdf

Rubric for Evaluating N.C. Teachers

Teacher_Rubric fillable 10.2.pdf

Rubric for Evaluating N.C. Teachers- fillable

Teacher_Record fillable 10.2.pdf

Record of Teacher Activities -fillable

Teacher_PDP fillable 10.2.pdf

Professional Development Plan- fillable

Teacher_RatingFormx fillable 10.2.pdf

Teacher Summary Rating Form- fillable

Teacher_RatingSheet fillable 10.2.pdf

Teacher Summary Rating Worksheet- fillable (optional)

Sample Teacher Behaviors 082912.pdf

ELS Behavior Document This document is out of date. (Use with extreme caution)


Evidences for Professional Teacher Standards 1-5 (2013-14 PREADY meetings)

Evidences for Teacher Standards by rating category.pdf

Evidences for PTS by rating category

Reflective Questions ELA sorted.xlsx

Reflective Questions for ELA Shifts per teaching standard

Reflective Questions Math sorted.xlsx

Reflective Questions for Math Shifts per teaching standard

Reflective Questions RBT sorted.xlsx

Reflective Questions for RBT per teaching standard

Revised BloomsTaxonomy Verbs.docx

RBT Verbs Chart

Preservice Teacher Rubric Final Version Approved by SBE.pdf

Teacher Candidate Evaluation Rubric

North Carolina Professional Educator Standards: Quick Comparison Chart

This chart lists the standards and elements of the professional standards for teachers and support staff. To highlight common themes and language, some standards and elements have been rearranged. For clarity, the original numbers and letters appear on the chart.

To expand the chart: Click on a number in the left column to view elements under that standard.