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ANNOUNCEMENT: This is the new homepage for K-12 Science. To improve user navigation and experience, the resources from our former wiki and LiveBinders have been streamlined. Can't find what you're looking for? Visit our Help Page.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The North Carolina Science Essential Standards are now translated into Spanish for grades K-8. They are located in the Resources tab - Kindergarten through Eighth Grade sub-tab. You can also access them in the Resources - "For Parents" sub-tab.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please visit the NCDPI COVID-19 Response site for Remote Learning Resources. The K-12 Science Remote Learning Resources are currently available for educators. You can also keep up with the Latest Updates as they become available.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please see our listing of K-12 Science Virtual Professional Development and Web Resources currently available for educators.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2021 North Carolina Science Festival is Virtual and In-Person. You can discover free resources at NC Virtual SciFest.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The K-12 Science Section has posted recordings of the 2020-2021 Equity and Diversity in Science and Engineering Education webinar series and Office Hours presentations.

You can access these recordings on the Professional Development Page.


This website serves as a central hub for K-12 Science educators, administrators, institutions of higher education, and other interested parties. This hub houses the standards, communications, and recommended resources related to the implementation of the North Carolina K-12 Science Standard Course of Study (NCSCOS). Science educators are encouraged to browse, reference, download, share, discuss, and adapt resources. Use the navigation bar above to access information and resources.

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