A place to read, to write, to listen, to speak...a place where you belong, and we are so glad you are here!

Why Library?

Library is the place that teaches students the power of language; that gives them tools to refine their craft; a spotlight to shine on their voices that want to, that need to, be heard.

Coming Soon: High School Writing Center

What's New?

Encourage your students to join each school's designated library Google classroom. Each classroom will house valuable links to recommended Listenwise podcasts and Flipgrid groups.

Library Staff

District Librarian Media Specialist Jennifer McKee mckeej@dovertornadoes.com

Dover Avenue/East Library Assistant Becky Gribble gribbler@dovertornadoes.com

East/South Library Assistant Mel Lyons lyonsm@dovertornadoes.com

2021-2022 School Year Library Stats