DS Bridge is a short-term program that helps students and their families with the process of re-entry and reintegration into the Dover-Sherborn High School community by supporting their academic, social, and emotional functioning. Although each individual student’s goals may be different, the ultimate goal for every participating student is for them to return to their full academic schedule and complete the school year on track for graduation.

DS Bridge // RM 209


Adelina Perez-Krebs, LICSW – DS Bridge Clinician/ Program Coordinator

Andrea Cassidy - DS Bridge Academic Coordinator

What Parents are saying...

  • The results were immediate and impactful. Our DS Bridge team worked with our child and our family and the teachers and guidance counselors. Their consistent involvement, assistance, and availability created an environment where our child was able to focus on the goals and manage his health without as much stress.

  • The warmth, professional and caring demeanor and personas of Ms. PK and Mr. Jenkins was a key factor in our child's attitude and hopefulness. They created an environment in the Bridge room that allowed our child to have a safe space in which to study, strategize with his team and get his work done on the schedule that worked the best on any given day.

  • They got my child back into school in a VERY difficult situation and transitioned him to becoming a normal student again. Far beyond my expectations! The continued check ins, both in person and electronically were key to our son's success.

  • I would encourage the Bridge team to wave the flag as much as they can. To let the families know that they are there. I am sure that they will be part of the back to school presentations, but even emails to parents just to let them know that Bridge is there, if needed. It is such an incredible resource, for the entire academic community.