Why Use Turntables?

  1. Testing a limited number of device orientations can yield misleading results

  2. Throughput often varies dramatically based on the position/angle of the devices under test

The graph below shows a 5GHz 802.11ac turntable test using a Gateway connected to a MacBook Pro:

    • Your impression of this AP's performance could easily change depending on how the devices under test are oriented

    • The low throughput at position 280 is repeatable

    • Moving DUTs just 10 degrees in either direction increases throughput 10X!

The graph below shows the results of an abbreviated 12 position comparison test of the coverage provided by an AP versus an AP with an Extender:

    • At 120 degrees the Extender performance is almost double that of the AP (93Mbps compared to 51Mbps)

    • However at 180 degrees the AP performance exceeds the Extender by 40% (118Mbps compared to 83Mbps)