Bluegrass Martial Arts

502 499-4050

Bluegrass Martial Arts is a Karate Dojo in Louisville Ky. Kenpo Karate is the system of Martial arts we study. There are multiple classes every week for both adults and kids.

Kids classes are for ages 4-11 and are held Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings 6 - 6:50pm and Saturday mornings 11 - 11:50pm. Adult classes (12 and older) are after each kids class and are 90 mins long, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings 7 - 8:30pm and Saturday mornings 12 - 1:30pm.

There are No longterm Contracts, memberships are month to month. We have pricing for both single student memberships and family memberships, just click HERE to see the membership plans. Wear anything comfortable to move in, there is no uniform purchase required. We make it easy to get started, you only need to come in. We keep it simple to continue, you only need to come back. If you just want a low commitment special trial offer of 6 karate classes that includes a free uniform then you will want to click HERE

We also have a Pro Shop for any extra items you may wish to purchase. You will find Uniforms & Patches, Weapons, Sparring pads, and everything you may want for your own Home Dojo collection. To see our Pro Shop collection just click HERE.

At Bluegrass Martial Arts we specialize in modern and effective Self Defense, but we also emphasize fitness every class. We are a family friendly safe place to learn some really fun and really cool techniques. We do not take ourselves too sereously, classes are informal, and social oppertunities to be part of a community of friends. Depending on the day of the week there is also a focused study on Traditional Weapons, Kickboxing Strategy, and Jiu-Jitsu. We even have a lightsaber class, the Jedi Academy, on Fridays 5:30 - 6:30pm, for Star Wars fans of every age.